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Ducati kickstart fan cooled mystery engine I haven’t seen before… morini? minarelli? ducati!

Ducati morini m101 kickstart fan cooled engine

morini m101 ducati kickstart fan cooled engine

unique ducati engine in the ducati factory with sick head technology

seems to be a morini m101, but engine mounts and fan cooling appear more minarelli like, very interesting!!!


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so sick! if only the world had gotten to experience it.

Comment by treatshq

Yes, it is a very unique specimen. We have all seen C2 V2 V1L etc but none of us have seen a minarelli engine rebadged as ducati with this unique cylinder, head & fan cover. Probably a prototype for a ducati moped that was never made that would have used a minarelli made engine. Very cool!!!

Comment by treatshq

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