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end of the year sale in thee treatland kingdom

les treat

in celebration of this most amazing 2012 and the wonders of 2013 to come the independent kingdom of treatland would like to offer you 10% off any order and free shipping on your orders over $150 from today until the end of the year.

to get these discounts use the coupon code “2012” to get 10% off any order you make and the coupon code “freeship” to get free shipping on any order over $150 (USA only for free ship coupon, sorry international dudes, no free ship for you, contact me for your special bonus though!).

notations : coupons valid from time received until the end of 2012, coupons not valid for dealers, free shipping will ship by our chosen method (ups ground, USPS parcel post, USPS priority), club taco points will NOT be accumulated during the sale, coupons should be entered at the time the order is placed in the box marked “secret code goes here”.

final notation which you should PLEASE NOTE : we are closed from tomorrow (saturday) until weds so everyone can take a break for the new year holiday and because tuesday UPS and USPS are closed. more than likely we will still do some shipping in this period, but what this more so means is your packages will start shipping next weds AM with our full shipping team on the job. no whiney or your account will be set up for 2013 with a reverse discount and “special handling fee” added to each shipment.

2012 has been an incredible year in treatland, and we, the people of treatland, would like to thank you all for your support. if there is anything we can do to make treatland a better place please let us know, we love to get ideas on what we can do to improve your adventures in the kingdom.

i hope i don’t need to remind anyone at this point but for like 2 years now you’ve been earning 5% back in store credit on all your purchases (except those made during sales). to see how much $$$$$$$$$ you have saved up check here . i always love it when i am organizing and researching things and i find a customer that has like $200 in club taco points and probably doesn’t even know it. use it up man! free parts for you you you and you. this makes me happy. the words discount, free and coupon make me start to drool almost with frenzied excitement. i know you feel the same. yeah i do.

for your entertainment a video from our friends at 12fps of yeah star chef, cheffin n tri raddin

there’s a lot more to tell ya but i’ll leave it at this for now.

xo treat

hobbit malossi gears, back from the dead

malossi honda hobbit, PA50, PA50II, & camino race gears for moooorrreee speed, even more than you already think you have. why i haven’t seen these since treats was in my bedroom!! long discontinued, and thanks to your friends in treatland they’ve decided to pay us a special visit from the grave. welcome back to TREATLAND, we missed you.

malossi hobbit camino race gears 67 6416
13/35 ratio

ok now time to enjoy and watch the hobbits of the world get a few more mph, just in time for some late summer rallies n fun times ahhh awesome.

vintage pipe pile

check out some of the strange vintage pipes we have released from the treats vintage pipe museum. prepare to be amazed!


the discontinued vespa malossi cases are back from the grave!

the vespa malossi cases we once thought were gone forever have re-surfaced from their crypts. all vespa riders will be pleased to know this case is back and available now + plus it’s gained a intake that comes with it now! and of course the vespa malossi case dellorto carb and intake pack has arisen as well!

get a closer look here . .. .

blk to the future real ass fun 3

yeahhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go n join my loves blk blk in denver for…


Dec.31st – Jan.02nd

Denver, CO.

with special guest Andrew WK

tickets available at The Track Shack
and online at treatland !!!

a morini kit
November 16, 2010, 07:59
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we finally broke down and got a morini kit. we didn’t want to, but apparently there are some people out there who have morinis. i even made a morini category, there’s only one item in it! i guess we will get some more, if anyone wants that kind a thing. this kit’s an airsal 43.5mm kit for morini M1 case inducted engines. i do know that the morini dual variated engine, whatever you call that, is one of the best moped engines out there. some one can help me with the correct info here. i have seen it in action on chad burke’s moped. that thing is sooo fast! that engine is alot like the derbi flat reed in it’s level of awesomeness. so if you don’t have a morini, maybe you should get one. ok. if any one can find a suzuki maxi, then you’re in luck because it’s got the rad engine you want. it’s a suzuki and it’s a maxi, but really it’s a morini? i’ve never seen one, only in my dreams. or a negrini right? they have the morini engines, ya? and probably a bunch of other odd brands of moped have it to?

amazing new bark bustin dumbo ears

its very rare that a new product comes along that will completely change the world of mopeding. sure some of those things we introduced like the super stuffy crank, black ebr forks, new proma pipes, new sizes of puch sprockets, oh shit colored grips x 101083712937, oh you know they are pretty cool and all whatever but they leave this unfulfilled feeling hovering in the foggy midnite mists of sf. maybe thats just some ghost hauntin me tho, i wouldn’t doubt it.
whoaaa so dreamy, almost matchin !

not this loser again, fucck. those things are crazzzy dude, go hit the trails. oh wait i mean do they come in different sizes ? YES. i mean but i like the color XXXXXX, can i get it in that color ? YES. well it would be real cool if they had like stickers on them, like a rad multicolored brand, cause i love that stuff. NO PROBLEM. welll where can i buy them? wait a few weeks n when we have time we’ll sell them probably. we gotta test them first, obviously we test every new product at treats, right? yeahh of course. hmm.