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our amazing rad super copyrighted renee lusano made return form

oh my who ever knew returning things could be so fun!  now use this handy print out to send your returns back to us! no need to make your own drawings (though if you do you get one bonus point), you can now print out what must be thee RADDEST return form ever and send it back with your returns.  we don’t even have to type out our address and tell ya for the thousandths time either wow for us, wow for you, this is treats work supreme. amazing renee!  super copyrighted, try to copy we slice ya. bad.

pre-authorization required before use of this form. contact us here for all returns before ya fill this out. eyeeeeee

click on the image n print away to make a return, n play the game too yeahh make a game life is a game is life a game


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Comment by jihee

i know it almost makes it too fun !! but um please don’t? luv benji

Comment by treatshq

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