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a truly beauteous photographic essay by moped in switzerland

my dear love robin sent me a link to this amazing photographic experience of riding a moped down the rhone valley in switzerland. its for sure some of the best photography i’ve seen in awhile and its taken on a moped journey. I’d put a picture here but his website says that is a no no no. so take a look its amazing.

Horizonville/Yann Gross
The mountains are the icons of Switzerland. To reach some of these idyllic
places, it is necessary to drive through the Rhône plain.
However, only a few people knows what the plain looks like and what is
going on there. A highway is passing through the valley, so nobody stops
there.The industrial landscape, which is characteristic of the valley, isn’t attrac-
tive at all, at least at first sight. Nevertheless, most of the inhabitants of the
area are living down there.
Since i hadn’t a lot of money and wanted to travel, i decided to make a road
trip by motorbike during three months is this valley (which is located 50km
far from my home), looking for an exotic lifestyle, something else than the
picutres i knew about my country (i was inspired by David Lynch’s movie «a
straight story»).
By the means of a trip by motorbike in the Rhône Valley, the pictures are
about the American dream. The myth we know through the medias and the
movies. Most of the people I photographed haven’t ever been in the United
State of America. They feel a sense of belonging to another culture that they
don’t really know. Far from the Swiss stereotypes, the confusion of symbols
and the lifestyle of the people take us in a strange atmosphere, a dreamed
reality that doesn’t exist in facts.