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this weeks parts updater

so far this week a few interesting parts to take note of, firstly new reed sets for the malossi 4 petal for puch, tomos, peugeot, motobecane, whatever you have. these new reed sets are in .30mm and .35mm so you can either replace the .30mm you’ve been using forever or use the .35mm which you probably wanted anyway but didn’t want to cut yourself.

hmm lets see oh yes finally some black 300mm shocks with 8mm bushings so you don’t have to do any bushing modification for puch maxi and the like…

oh can’t forget a new sachs kit, i mean when was the last time we saw a new sachs cylinder kit??? 48mm 80cc single ring piston port for 505 and 504, perhaps this one isn’t quite as beastly as the athena 48mm reed version, and is perfecto? we will soon find out, hopefully someone decides to try it soon.

a bunch of new vespa cylinders also appeared, athena for 10 and 12mm wrist pins, 38.4mm, 43mm, 46mm… pretty much all you could ever need, perhaps? they look super nice, lotsa ports, nikasil coating, usual excellent athena quality.

hmm there’s piles of new parts we haven’t had the time to add to the store yet, slowly coming little by little a few more each day to add to the kingdom. send in your requests thru the store if there’s anything you want us to try to search out. there’s some new buttons on the site, thanks to the minister of buttons, they’ll be changing around over the next few days n weeks so don’t push the wrong one and end up in taco land when you wanted to be in the new parts.

otherwise hmm some things i saw lately

n thats all for now, just a brief updating of some new items to appear.


what’s new?

there’s so much new. i don’t even know what’s new. but i can show you a couple new items that i think are quite amazing. from EBR. we got all the frame braces now in black! no mare having to buy a can of spray paint any more!

not to mention new versions of the EBR hydraulic forks. between all the different versions we have, there is bound to be one that will fit any moped! they are all the same forks, just with different head tube lengths, different fork tube lengths and different threading diameters. so find the one you need, and if you need help, just ask.

how about these new EBR forks. these might be my favorite ones. i like the dust cover look. perfect i think for puch magnum replacement. tho, these are wider and the brake plate tab is a little different. hum. we will see. might need a longer axle that the original puch front axle. let me check on that.

+ if that wasn’t enough. we ordered stock maxi forks in chrome for ya. if you like the original look. here it is in a beautiful chrome finish!

mazzucchelli! reaching always higher constructive peaks

we just got a huge assortment of new mazzucchelli crankshafts. these are top of the line, high quality race crankshafts. they come in all varieties, from regular stock like ones, to competition level ones, super competition and special competition.

for vespa riders we got a lot to choose from. and finally some variety for vespa cranks. we have cranks with the intake duration already enlarged! ready for use in stock cases or in the polini speed engine cases with 43mm and larger kits. ready to go. no need for crank dremeling. + we have the vespa cranks for use with the pinasco side cover dual carb set ups. these cranks have a side opening for the second carburetor to flow through. i can see now how having dual 13 carbs could be quite amazing! i mean besides that its dual carbs. i think it could be pretty fast with that enlarged intake duration ready to go. yeeoo + special cranks for use with the malossi cases, polini evolution cases and simonini side covers. if you have one of those laying around.

then for peugeot we got a nice collection of performance cranks. i almost wish i would have waited to make my GR1 race bike. now i got all this doppler stuff and this week you will see some of the most amazing GR1 parts ever made. oooohhh. what to do? from cranks, to the new digital direct MVT and new super light flywheel HPI and in a day or two the most mind blowing items of all will appear. get ready! . . maybe i should sell all my doppler and . . i don’t know. but for anyone planning on building a GR1 bike. wait till tomorrow to see what we have for you

motobecane, yes. three varieties of new crank.

puch too. a new puch crank! as if you didn’t have enough to choose from. we got another for you.

here’s some helpful advice and info from mazzucchelli

for some extra reading here’s how mazzucchelli describes their company, their cranks and their manufacturing process

A force moving towards ambitious Goals.

The continuous technical and professional updating, today have brought about Nuova Mazzucchelli to assert itself with authority in the mechanical field of precision, by availing tself not only of a ten-year experience but also by a flexible and dynamic structure. Nuova Mazzucchelli is therefore a reference point in the van of progress for the production of driving shafts and connecting rods for all types of endothermic engines for motor, agricultural, nautical use and any other application, supplied either in the mono-cylinder or multi-cylinder version. The continuous flow of information between the Company and the client is one of the predominant characteristics for putting into production and the development of the product, a characteristic which is an integral part of the force driving us with ever increasing determination towards high technical performance goals.

Continuous technological research and reaching always higher constructive peaks. These are our main objectives.

The results obtained in the long story of research and innovation achieved by Nuova Mazzucchelli, are the best guarantee for a future directed into achieving always higher constructive peaks and these are the fruit of a Company philosophy which materialises in the achievement of high quality and technical performance products. The Company management system is expressed through strict controlling of the work production phase. The entire productive processes are carried out with last generation machinery and by using computerised technologies allowing high precision work production.
Not only the productive capacity but also the Company logistics meets the European qualitative standards and with the responsibility that a market leader must have. All the productive process is accurately supervised and controlled on the basis of strict specifications ensuring that complete agreement with our clients’ requirements for technical-constructive parameters are fully met.

Solutions aiming for total quality. In terms of finished product, of work process and service reliability.

Precision and quality control at all levels is a constant for the entire production process, whether in terms of finished product or in terms of the offered service reliability. Nuova Mazzucchelli places the most modern technologies for the work process of the mechanical parts alongside operations having an artisanship character for finishing work or customizations requested by the client. In fact, the acquired experience makes it possible adapting the different requirements by the clients by guaranteeing in any case maximum reliability for any application, guaranteed by the use of materials in the van of progress and by the multi-year experience in the manufacture of the driving shaft. Furthermore, the extreme flexibility of the production cycle allows the achievement of medium and large quantities of products and our technical staff is always at the client’s disposal for the production of prototypes of cylinder capacities up to 600 cc, proud of being able to offer at any moment a customised service responding to the best and highest expectations.

the wild world of olympia

i never knew olympia was such an amazing place. a magikal place of piaggio wonders awaits you there. i can’t be sure if olympia made stock parts for piaggio or ….. .  but, it appears that way, as all the vespa stuff is top shelf quality. original quality, stock quality, OEM even. the list of parts keeps growing and growing, it never seems to end. this bottomless box of olympian parts, i keep pulling parts out and photoing them and making new products in the treatland, and every time i look back at the box it’s still full. i don’t know when it will end? i may be stuck doing this forever, until every single piece of a vespa moped is here!

take a look here at just a few of my favorites so far. . ..