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update for the week of may 29th to june ish 2014 (00007 in the treat calendar), more shipping info! TAT updates!

you know those holidays that everyone takes off and enjoys themselves outside in the sun? the ones where the banks close and USPS stops picking up and UPS even takes a day off? those are the days we usually get more work done than most other days at treats. with the doors shut we pretend to be closed for the day, but actually its madness within the treat lair. no memorial day holiday for us, so you will get your shipments quicker…how does that make you feel? i bet you feel pretty good, so go enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some sticky buns. we are still about 3 days behind on orders due to the sale which is a bummer, but we’re doin the best we can. in the future we can consider not having sales if you like? what do you think, 3 day delay on shipping for a week or no sales? tough choice huh? we’ll convene a committee have a meeting and think this one over. to begin to conclude this shipping update we are hoping to get caught up to weds evening by friday putting us around 2 days behind. I think i’m going to go in on sat and sun and do some shipping myself even as i have been stuck in the virtual land of treats for so long.. all these screens n keyboards, man i hope they unplug me and let me ship soon and leave my hal like state. i was human once. maybe if i beg them friday morning they will let me out to ship packages. conclusion of shipping update.


trans america trail moped bros


TAT riders, thanks alex for the photo!

its been a close call in the battle to see who can lead the pack in documenting the TAT whilst on the move but it seems like we have a winner!!! from now on plz refer to get blatzed for all your TAT updates along the way. as if tryin to ride the TAT wasn’t enough of a mission, have you ever tried to regularly update a blog??? now thats some serious shit. over the course of the coming months we will be including some words and photos from the TAT, but i do encourage all of you interested readers to continue to get blatzed tumblr and ohhh yes too!!!!!  we are super excited to be a part of adventures like this, nothin better than sleepin outside in the dirt for months and wandering the dirt roads of the world, oh do i miss it.

you’ll be able to see things like willy from treats makin a pot of coffee on the side of the road while using his camping stove to heat up a bearing and rebuild a hobbit engine!! wtf!!! this is life!!!

thanks alex for the photo!

my last update, sure to please long time followers of the kingdom is this news piece from today i received from our one and only stoney. for sure it wouldn’t have been the first time i’d seen stoney running barefoot in the streets. or the word “frenzy” in the same paragraph with stoney for that matter. how anyone makes it in the news so much i don’t know, must be a special one.

there’s a ton of new parts at the store, new shipments, etc but we are too busy shipping so they will wait till next week to make an appearance. sorry!


update for the week of may 20th to 27th 2014 (00007 in the treat calendar), shipping info! tomahawk cup! pinball run II!!

in case you forget monday 5/26 ups and usps are closed for memorial day, which means all their shipments get pushed back a day usually?? i think??? anyway we are still going to be shipping on monday, but shipments will go out tues when usps and ups resume their pickups. at the moment its 143pm on friday and everyone in shipping is blazing away trying to get as many of this weeks shipments out the door as possible.

rodney derbi-in tomahawk cup 2014

rodney on the race relic derbi at tomahawk cup 2014

rodney n I got to go to the tomahawk cup last weekend n see all the madness n racer dudes. i think there were around 151 bikes (honest) and tonsss of people from all over the US. it was awesome to be there for the inaugural year.. and to know it is going to be a yearly event now. we were one of the sponsors for 2014, and after witnessing what we did out there in the sun drenched wind blown deserts the people of the independent kingdom of treatland decided to quadruple their donation to the event for 2015 and onwards to ensure that the tomahawk cup continues indefinitely and that there isn’t as much financial strain on the organizers of the event as everyone involved spent a ton of cash out of their own pockets to make this a gigantic FREE event. a huge huge thanks to everyone that put this together, so cool to see what you all accomplished. thank you for donating all that time and cash! insane! great work finks, tomahawk, lb mopeds, bullies, choke, scoot tv, and more. OH and jimmy requests it is moved by one week so he can come next year as he has a moto race that weekend every year. will the tomahawk gods have mercy on him?? or not?? lets see! my recommendation to you is to start planning now for tomahawk 2015!!! awesome to see you all too!!

(thanks barry!!)

(thanks tomahawk!)

i’ll have more photos and info from the tomahawk cup sometime soon, once someone sends it to me. so send it to me, plz.

pin ball run adventures of tomos sawyeralthough it seems like just yesterday i was watching the little gps blips of the pinball run 2013 its already time for the pinball run 2014!! pinball run II the adventures of tom sawyer will be departing from Minneapolis on 9/1 and heading down the mississippi to new orleans by the 5th. for more info check it all out on the pinball run site. for sure check out this video of the first pinball run as well — 

great warm ups for some things we have in mind hehe

as for the trans america trail riders i haven’t heard much. willy sent me some photos of moto ocho in denver. as far as i know they are somewhere in or near tennessee wallowing in the dirt.

jimmy rodney and i got our tickets to come to denver for the rally in june, see ya there!!!!

thats all for now, xoxo, continue treating

update for the week of may 12th to 19th 2014 (00007 in the treat calendar), tomahawk cup! moped TAT!

i received a coded message from an inside contact at treatland this morning which read —  get your orders in early this week!! we’ll be closed this friday may 16th and monday may 18th for shipping and any in-store type business as we will be away at the tomahawk cup. this will put us a little behind.. so make sure you get your orders in early in the week if you can so they ship before we close for a few days.

tomahawk cup poster

if you don’t know about the tomahawk cup.. go read up

at the tomahawk cup site

at moped army

and check out some updates on the tomahawk tuning blog while you are at it. and oh yeah! a video even!


Its super inspiring to see what everyone involved in the tomahawk cup has done to make this event happen. this should be a yearly event from now on, purely brought to life independently by the US moped community. incredible!

me, rodney and jack will be at the tomahawk cup. jimmy is on some off road motorcycle race. david is going to be secretly shipping your orders back at treatland even though we are technically closed and willy is leaving on thursday for the trans america trail ride which starts next week.

sneak preview of willys tat derbi bike from early april.

willy trans american trail treats tat

for those of you sad souls that are still clueless i’m going to have to write about it again i guess, man, and i thought this was going to be a relaxing saturday morning. oh well. best thing for you to do is first go read up here on the trans america trail site. easiest thing to do is download the whole site and then do a find and replace switching the word “motorcycle” for “moped”, now upload the site again and you can read it and understand what is going on. got that? good, easy.

I think currently there’s about 10-15 people going on the whole ride and some people joining up for sections here and there. if this excites you and makes you want to give money away then you can go to the donation page for the moped TAT now.

if you feel like you want to join up along the way or let them know they can come over for dinner check out the moped TAT facebook page or maybe you just want to tell them how stupid they are and that they will never make it and other insults, this would be the perfect place for that.

for those of you who missed it in april together with the shred shed east we set up these lil keychain spark plug holders as a fund raiser, briskly raising a cool $875 or something like that to further fund the mission and add to the funds we have already provided for this endeavor.

treatland spark plug holder for tat fundraiser

keep an eye out across the country for the TAT bus which will be moving along near the trail to help out and carry all the junk they will need along the way. its got a huge flat screen tv in it with leather couches, a bunch of computer work stations for the dudes to take care of all their business stuff and a gourmet stainless steel kitchen (inc wood fire pizza oven).

treatland tat bus

thats all for TAT news for now. willy’s bike is leaving mon on a pallet to denver and we’ll be receiving updates throughout the next 7 weeks which will be reported here.

in other exciting news we recently received a new part from motomatic. we had been missing motomatic parts for awhile so it was just in time that we received the new mobylette engine mount puller/installer tool from em. nice work nate!

motomatic mobylette engine mount puller

oh and one more thing i forgot related to shipping… since its summer now we are super super busy. if you have an order that you place over the weekend and you want it to go out monday, order friday night or saturday morning. we ship all the orders out in the order they come in.. so monday we ship friday evening, sat, sun and mon AM. of course since we are mere mortals we only make it to sundays orders by monday afternoon when we close. therefore hot tip # 2 order friday night or sat am for an order you want to go out monday AM. as always every single part marked “here now” on our site is in stock in our warehouse right in front of us. this is how it has always been and always will be in treatland.

i could go on.. and on.. and on.. but thats it for now. everyone at the shop has started adding some photos every now and then to the treatland instagram, usually we are super super busy working, but we’re trying to make some time to get everyone some views of what is going on behind the scenes in treatland. ah what a wonderful land.