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club taco 3% off + 13% weekend sale


what is club taco

oh joy oh happy day, now every $ ya spend in thee kingdom gets ya a taco, n one taco is worth oh my around 3 pennies thats like 3% off all the time, so wild man. you know you could alllllmost buy a taco somewhere in the world with 3 pennies, oh ok thats a dream maybe 25 of em. think of it as like a big pile of tacos slowly accumulating in your garage that you can actually trade in for something, but don’t worry we’re not going to clutter your already trashed garage with piles of tacos we’re going to stock everyone’s tacos in a highly guarded bunker 312 feet below san francisco with our wizards guarding it. you know if there was a currency of the moped world it would be something like tacos right? big platters of tacos, piles of them, slowly building up until the world is covered in taco taco. hmm.

your club taco instructions go like this:
    • once you’ve placed your order and paid for it, your pile of tacos will be updated.
    • enter the total amount (in tacos) you’d like to redeem below (33 tacos = $1).
    • click the button like this one below that will ya know, turn tacos to golden pieces

    • on your next order you’ll see your tacos change to $s off automatically, our wizards will make this all happen without you even having to give them a tip, the spells cast. so cool.

    • keep in mind that the tacos you change into dollars don’t add onto your taco pile when you spend them, got it?

    • take a look here for your club taco !!! adventure page

    • count how many times the word taco is used on this page if you want a fun game to play with your friends, but you’re out of tacos

As an added weekend bonus use the coupon code “clubtaco” to get 13% off your order. enjoy !!


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