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what’s new?

there’s so much new. i don’t even know what’s new. but i can show you a couple new items that i think are quite amazing. from EBR. we got all the frame braces now in black! no mare having to buy a can of spray paint any more!

not to mention new versions of the EBR hydraulic forks. between all the different versions we have, there is bound to be one that will fit any moped! they are all the same forks, just with different head tube lengths, different fork tube lengths and different threading diameters. so find the one you need, and if you need help, just ask.

how about these new EBR forks. these might be my favorite ones. i like the dust cover look. perfect i think for puch magnum replacement. tho, these are wider and the brake plate tab is a little different. hum. we will see. might need a longer axle that the original puch front axle. let me check on that.

+ if that wasn’t enough. we ordered stock maxi forks in chrome for ya. if you like the original look. here it is in a beautiful chrome finish!


a morini kit
November 16, 2010, 07:59
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we finally broke down and got a morini kit. we didn’t want to, but apparently there are some people out there who have morinis. i even made a morini category, there’s only one item in it! i guess we will get some more, if anyone wants that kind a thing. this kit’s an airsal 43.5mm kit for morini M1 case inducted engines. i do know that the morini dual variated engine, whatever you call that, is one of the best moped engines out there. some one can help me with the correct info here. i have seen it in action on chad burke’s moped. that thing is sooo fast! that engine is alot like the derbi flat reed in it’s level of awesomeness. so if you don’t have a morini, maybe you should get one. ok. if any one can find a suzuki maxi, then you’re in luck because it’s got the rad engine you want. it’s a suzuki and it’s a maxi, but really it’s a morini? i’ve never seen one, only in my dreams. or a negrini right? they have the morini engines, ya? and probably a bunch of other odd brands of moped have it to?