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oh hey, we have a sale button!
November 20, 2010, 01:40
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here at treatland we often have strange parts that come in from the world missing pieces like bolts, nuts, pistons, and  all kind of other things.. so what do we do with these things? I know! we put them on sale and sell them to you! yay! make sure you check to see whats there could be somethin special we just decided a second ago to put on sale for the weekend!


free $10 for you, if you live here.

just a reminder if you didn’t know, for all our in-store customers! you can get a free $10 to spend in treatland, if you like, and if you’re making your orders online and choosing in-store pickup, you qualify to use the treats punch cards. basically it’s a constant 5% off for all in-store pickups + you can use it on top of any other sale we might have, so you can get double sale price! on top of our already super low prices, so that’s like triple sale actually. and if you use it with price matching then maybe it will be a quadruple sale! aghhhhhh

here’s how it works: you get a treats punch card in our store. then, when ever you make an order online and choose in-store pick up, not only will your order be ready for you when you arrive, you will also get a hole punch in your card for every $10 you spend, made with our special patented un-copyable hole puncher. when you get all 20 holes punched you can trade it for $10 to spend in treatland! wow. free $10! you can use this any time! don’t work, unless you make your order online ahead of time. ok? see? it helps us keep things moving and we wanna thank you for making things easier for us to make things easier for you. right? yep.

price matching continues

price matching has been a success! and it will be a permanent part of treatland, unless we decide to, mysteriously intoxicated and without notice, end it in the wee hours of the night, but i don’t think we’ll do that. so keep the price matches coming. many people so far, have earned piles of store credit to spend at their leisure. the deals are out there all over. loads of websites have super low prices, and we want to make sure you get the lowest price anywhere!

treats flash
January 15, 2009, 04:13
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treats flash

a random exploration of the rare, unusual, useful and useless delights to be found within the catacombs of HQ – some old, some new, but always interesting


interesting sample of mid 80s buzzeti super technology, apparently a kickstart mechanism for peugeot 103 bikes utilizing not only spring technology but, gasp, patented SHOCKING pink pegs technology as well. This vintage sample resides safely in the frenchie section of the treatland museum de mechanique of rare and unusual moped delights. One of only two known pieces from our collection of NOS dead stock.