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update for the week of may 29th to june ish 2014 (00007 in the treat calendar), more shipping info! TAT updates!

you know those holidays that everyone takes off and enjoys themselves outside in the sun? the ones where the banks close and USPS stops picking up and UPS even takes a day off? those are the days we usually get more work done than most other days at treats. with the doors shut we pretend to be closed for the day, but actually its madness within the treat lair. no memorial day holiday for us, so you will get your shipments quicker…how does that make you feel? i bet you feel pretty good, so go enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some sticky buns. we are still about 3 days behind on orders due to the sale which is a bummer, but we’re doin the best we can. in the future we can consider not having sales if you like? what do you think, 3 day delay on shipping for a week or no sales? tough choice huh? we’ll convene a committee have a meeting and think this one over. to begin to conclude this shipping update we are hoping to get caught up to weds evening by friday putting us around 2 days behind. I think i’m going to go in on sat and sun and do some shipping myself even as i have been stuck in the virtual land of treats for so long.. all these screens n keyboards, man i hope they unplug me and let me ship soon and leave my hal like state. i was human once. maybe if i beg them friday morning they will let me out to ship packages. conclusion of shipping update.


trans america trail moped bros


TAT riders, thanks alex for the photo!

its been a close call in the battle to see who can lead the pack in documenting the TAT whilst on the move but it seems like we have a winner!!! from now on plz refer to get blatzed for all your TAT updates along the way. as if tryin to ride the TAT wasn’t enough of a mission, have you ever tried to regularly update a blog??? now thats some serious shit. over the course of the coming months we will be including some words and photos from the TAT, but i do encourage all of you interested readers to continue to get blatzed tumblr and ohhh yes too!!!!!  we are super excited to be a part of adventures like this, nothin better than sleepin outside in the dirt for months and wandering the dirt roads of the world, oh do i miss it.

you’ll be able to see things like willy from treats makin a pot of coffee on the side of the road while using his camping stove to heat up a bearing and rebuild a hobbit engine!! wtf!!! this is life!!!

thanks alex for the photo!

my last update, sure to please long time followers of the kingdom is this news piece from today i received from our one and only stoney. for sure it wouldn’t have been the first time i’d seen stoney running barefoot in the streets. or the word “frenzy” in the same paragraph with stoney for that matter. how anyone makes it in the news so much i don’t know, must be a special one.

there’s a ton of new parts at the store, new shipments, etc but we are too busy shipping so they will wait till next week to make an appearance. sorry!


meet yer treatsies – introducing erik Seidenglanz aka STONEY


CORONA DEL MAR – Boy to Take Magic Act to White House

By BOB ELSTON|August 16, 1993
Twelve-year-old Erik Seidenglanz doesn’t go anywhere without a deck of cards.


At the dinner table, the 78-pound magician eats with a card palmed in one hand. His bedroom is full of magic trunks, jackets with hidden pockets and ketchup bottles that he can make disappear.

On Aug. 24, Erik is scheduled to perform at a White House luncheon to be attended by Vice President Al Gore.

“I am a bit nervous,” he said of the performance in the nation’s capital. “I hope I do a really good job at it.”

Even if he flubs a trick, Erik added, he still gets a private tour of the White House and FBI headquarters.

“Not many people get to do that,” he said.

After seeing Harry Blackstone Jr. perform about three years ago, Erik said, he bought magic books and taught himself enough simple tricks to venture into public. He started on a street corner near his house in Corona del Mar.

“Nobody would look at me at first,” he said of those early days. “But then I started asking people if they wanted to see a magic trick. They would stop, and a crowd would watch.”

Erik made $200 in his first two nights on the street corner.

With that, he invested in more magic books and props and business cards. Last year, Erik auditioned at the exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood, a club for working magicians, which lowered its minimum age from 14 to 12 so he could become a member.

Since then, he has attended magic camps for youths while making money performing at birthday parties, grand openings and the like. He has managed to invent new tricks, hire a publicist and bank much of his earnings.

“He is about halfway to a new car at the moment,” said his mother, Cheryl Miller. “And he is not even 13 yet.”

Last Wednesday, Erik tuned up his act before about 100 people at the Oakwood Apartments in Anaheim. His specialty is close-up magic, partly because he cannot project his voice to a roomful of people.

Wearing a blue sports coat with deep interior pockets, he roamed through the audience doing a series of card tricks.

In one trick, he held out three playing cards, two blank and one three of diamonds, to which he fastened a paper clip. Erik put one card in a box, the paper-clipped three of diamonds under someone’s hand and the third car face down on the table.

When the cards were flipped, the paper-clipped card had become blank and the three of diamonds appeared in the box.

Erik’s mother, who drives him from performance to performance, usually stays out of sight when he works a room.

“This is the time to go from boy to man without Mommy around,” Miller said. “Every kid wants to be good at something, find their niche. This is his niche.”

Erik starts seventh grade in the fall and has already begun saving for the day he hopes to enroll at Harvard University. His ultimate goal is to be “the best magician in the world.”

“I know I set that goal high,” he said, “but that is what I want to do.”

Miller says that kind of determination keeps Erik up at night. “I have to go up and tell him to put down the magic books and turn out his lights,” she said.

more in that same theme of weekend adventures n friends we saw n such

rd broken chain, oh well, time to lay in the grass n drink tecate by the water

amber at girls at amoeba

the rd in its natural element

treat gnome alliance forever yeahhhh

treatin out in thee loin

motomatic treat alliance

oh, a remembrance from la in march, how did that get in here? suspicious, yes we used superglue

bell air pre silver apples homosexuals 60mph sunset strip

rally time la bell air seizure tongue-ing cobra time on some random lawn always fun its not stoppable treats ohh yeah, la whoever whatever try try oh try but no luck i aint worried about tomorrow just thinkin bout tonight