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the wild world of olympia

i never knew olympia was such an amazing place. a magikal place of piaggio wonders awaits you there. i can’t be sure if olympia made stock parts for piaggio or ….. .  but, it appears that way, as all the vespa stuff is top shelf quality. original quality, stock quality, OEM even. the list of parts keeps growing and growing, it never seems to end. this bottomless box of olympian parts, i keep pulling parts out and photoing them and making new products in the treatland, and every time i look back at the box it’s still full. i don’t know when it will end? i may be stuck doing this forever, until every single piece of a vespa moped is here!

take a look here at just a few of my favorites so far. . ..


2010 feels so good
January 1, 2010, 06:13
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feels so good

on the road to istanbul
October 28, 2009, 12:04
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the best vacation yet, always on vacation, summer ,winter, fall, it’s nice out. go for a ride into the country side. mopeds to see, around the world, around the corner, mopeds to ride. part one, brooklyn, new york, manhattan, lower east side, times square, williamsburg, bushwish, panic in needle park, old friends, new friends. some shows seen and others missed, drinks and trains, car service, cash, beacons plaza, closet. . . jen and i are on our way to istanbul


we wander through borough park back in time to eastern europe and stumble upon the gates of motobecane.


in greenpoint we stop by the orphanage to try to get a job

but they don’t hire hippies, fun times are had in greenpoint none the less, orphans are gracious hosts and are always welcome in the kingdom of treatland.


new things appear on my desk!
October 1, 2009, 05:15
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so many new things have passed over my desk lately i hardly know what they are or where they are or what im even doing. jimmy seems to keep track of it all somehow, while renee and i wave magic wands, and utter the forgotten words upon thee piles of parts.

the best of the lot by far has to be this plug caddy, newly added today. get em now. they are half gone already just here between us and the last people to pass by on the street.