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digital direct

you might have seen the new digital direct CDI from MVT. you might have got one already. here’s a little info, you can read about the improvements made with digital CDI over the previous analog versions.

about the digital direct compared to a analogic
the base is the same only the management of the timing is different
the analogic is manage with a curve produce by electronic composant
it’s not possible to modified it .
the digital curve is manage by a eprom mono curve it means a small computer
design by the racing service it’s integrate inside the best timing at
every 100 rpm for a model of engine.

the analogic variation give a better result of engine power than a fix ignition
and the digital give the best power and torque with the same engine .



lets the devil in you come up full force !

you feel the blues when thinking about drag tracks? you enjoy the excitement on your powermoped? forget about classical and traditional. lets the devil in you come up full force ! there is no compromise. i speak. the full line of MVT Allumage CDI for the French mopeds. internal rotors, not internal rotors. premium and millenium lines. auto retarding, variable advancing, lights, lights, lights. racing, riding, track, street, peugeot, motobecane, city, country, on road, off road, see the forest through the trees.