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Sac rally squid life crisis Sept 2017

vid by tim seward

twas a fun time

thank you landsquids

gettin lost in treatland… motobecane racing at bonneville… tomahawk mopeds

its a holiday today it seems, USPS and UPS are takin a break, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get any tracking info on your shipments till tomorrow AM. we’re still workin of course, getting caught up from all the previous weeks madness and our brief lil break in sac. more on the rally in sacramento later once stoney sends me some photos, but for now lets see hmm. well it would be quite difficult to convey all the amazing new parts that have appeared in treats in the past few weeks, there’s tons of them that i can’t even really believe and they’re slowly making their way up onto the site. by the time they are all up, there will be more so i could probably write the same thing almost every week, anyway whatever by now you know how it works, the continual flow of strange pieces from around the world into our little kingdom. of course i’ve been hearing of this problem lately where people get lost in the kingdom and get so turned around and backwards they have no idea where they are or what part they are looking for anymore. to help those of you who find yourselves lost i added more clutter to the site, oh yay, as stealthily as possible you’ll notice a little

i can't remember anythingbutton under the

adding to cart, oh fun

click away on remember and this part will be stored away in a list of parts you wanna remember for another day. hopefully it helps for those of you who get lost. just remember not to go adding thousands of parts, as then you’ll be right back where you started, totally lost. i bet you’ll probably end up with something a lot like mine anyway…

i got an interesting email from our beloved treat, star chef boris portnoy, a few days ago about another pastry chef and some hiiii speeds mbk speed record attempts at bonneville, not sure how this hasn’t surfaced before, maybe it has, who knows, anyway check out all this madness on southsiders MC about team no gear. nuts !!

thanks southsiders for rad photothanks for the story n photos southsiders…

christophe at tomahawk mopeds added some more info on this beast yesterday as well. if you haven’t visited the tomahawk blog yet then hmm not really sure what type a moped blogs you are looking at? or maybe you’re busy mopedin, yep that must be it. one of the best blogs in the US these day full of soo much constantly growing info for all you frenchies especially yepp. check it out and you’ll learn something for sure. plus look at this amazing painting his dad painted of him racing, sick.

time for a break, more on parts and sac shortly



this weeks parts updater

so far this week a few interesting parts to take note of, firstly new reed sets for the malossi 4 petal for puch, tomos, peugeot, motobecane, whatever you have. these new reed sets are in .30mm and .35mm so you can either replace the .30mm you’ve been using forever or use the .35mm which you probably wanted anyway but didn’t want to cut yourself.

hmm lets see oh yes finally some black 300mm shocks with 8mm bushings so you don’t have to do any bushing modification for puch maxi and the like…

oh can’t forget a new sachs kit, i mean when was the last time we saw a new sachs cylinder kit??? 48mm 80cc single ring piston port for 505 and 504, perhaps this one isn’t quite as beastly as the athena 48mm reed version, and is perfecto? we will soon find out, hopefully someone decides to try it soon.

a bunch of new vespa cylinders also appeared, athena for 10 and 12mm wrist pins, 38.4mm, 43mm, 46mm… pretty much all you could ever need, perhaps? they look super nice, lotsa ports, nikasil coating, usual excellent athena quality.

hmm there’s piles of new parts we haven’t had the time to add to the store yet, slowly coming little by little a few more each day to add to the kingdom. send in your requests thru the store if there’s anything you want us to try to search out. there’s some new buttons on the site, thanks to the minister of buttons, they’ll be changing around over the next few days n weeks so don’t push the wrong one and end up in taco land when you wanted to be in the new parts.

otherwise hmm some things i saw lately

n thats all for now, just a brief updating of some new items to appear.

a real 17″ white wall tire? myth or lies? truth or fiction?
March 19, 2011, 03:11
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this is a 17″ white wall performance tire. what else do i need to say? well . . . .ok,     it’s the sava MC11 now in white wall 17 x 2.25! brought to you exclusively by treatland!

+ check out the other new sava tires and sizes we got

the sava MC50 M-RACER racing tire – 17 x 100/80

+ the sava MC7 18 inch tires!

pietcard CDI
February 22, 2011, 11:10
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we now have a nice supply of the pietcard CDI conversion sets. these CDIs are what they call sensor-less CDI. you use them with your stock points stater plate and flywheel! crazy, right? and don’t forget about all the pietcard CDI boxes we have as well. you can use these on all kinds of mopeds. + some more pietcard surprises to come.

here’s some info about the sensor-less CDI from pietcard

sensor-less CDI

The acronym means CDI Capacitive Discharge Ignition.
As its name implies, uses a capacitor that is charged with a given voltage and discharged on the winding high at the time required for the motor.
The sensor consists of power without a supply roll, a CDI (black box) and a high coil.
Turning the flywheel coil generates AC power which sends the CDI.
The Commission charges the capacitor with the positive half-cycles of alternating current and the negative discharge, therefore each complete cycle of alternating current results in a firing spark plug.
Fliers who work with this system consist of 4 magnets and generate 2 sinusoids per turn, so for this reason the sensor ignition system produce 2 sparks per revolution, one in PMS and another in PMI.
To achieve the right setting combines cutting flywheel key, position and polarity of the magnets, the position of the supply roll with the advance degrees required by the motor.
Due to the characteristics of the CDI are always fixed point at which they are used for 2-stroke engines and low displacements that do not require an advance curve complex.

here’s how pietcard CDIs are made in the pietcard factory. looks pretty advanced!

Pietcard Electronics SRL Argentina is a company founded in 1990 and based in the city of Pilar, in the center of the province of Santa Fe. Proven track record guarantees the highest performance in its extensive line of products geared especially to the manufacturing of electronic ignition and voltage regulators. With excellent levels of performance, functionality and security, this being a certified ISO 9001 company, with scope to: Design, Development, Manufacture, Sale & Service of Electronic Equipment for Mopeds!


EV racing

we’ve all seen the EV racing pipes before. and now direct from buenos aires argentina, they’re here! and there’s more of em in more colors! low cost performance pipes for honda hobbit! all kinds of pipes for minarelli, garelli and morini! check em out now. straight ones, TURBO and TURBO SERIES 3. circuit pipes now in chrome for stylish dudes n ladies. even baffles too! in 19mm and 16mm. lots to see, lots to choose from!

digital direct

you might have seen the new digital direct CDI from MVT. you might have got one already. here’s a little info, you can read about the improvements made with digital CDI over the previous analog versions.

about the digital direct compared to a analogic
the base is the same only the management of the timing is different
the analogic is manage with a curve produce by electronic composant
it’s not possible to modified it .
the digital curve is manage by a eprom mono curve it means a small computer
design by the racing service it’s integrate inside the best timing at
every 100 rpm for a model of engine.

the analogic variation give a better result of engine power than a fix ignition
and the digital give the best power and torque with the same engine .