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new stange things from brn
January 12, 2011, 08:04
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we got a nice supply of new and strange items from BRN. all minarelli, garelli and morini stuff. and there’s more on the way, so keep a look out for the new stuff as well. many different varieties of clutches. and now, clutch bells, gears, shafts and other bits and pieces. + of course the kits! 48mm and 51mm minarelli kits for V1 piston port engines and V1L case inducted reed valve engines, and V1LKS case inducted reed valve kick start engines, yeow. 5 ports, 7 ports and on and on + the new kits that will be appearing in the store soon. + the pietcard performance CDI boxes!


alot of this stuff is new to us and we encourage anyone who knows more about these parts than we do to let us know. if we have any mis-information on the products or if something can be improved please let us know as we are only now familiarizing ourselves with these strange italian engines. here’s a few exploded view images for your viewing pleasure and to assist you in your education.

and as for the mopeds with these engines.. . the list is practically endless! for minarelli engines we have – AMF, Aprilia, Aspes, Atala, Baretta, Beta, Bianchi, Bimotor, B.M., Carabela, Casalini, C.F., Chiordo, Cimatti, Cimatti City Bike, Empolini, Everton, Fantic Motor, F.M.B., Gabbiano, Gaddabout, Gazelle, General 5-Star, Gerosa, Gimk, Gitan, Gitane, Giulietta, Gloria Intramotor, Indian, Italjet, Legnano, Malanca, M.B., Milani, Mebea, Mondial, Moto Bimm, Moto Gori, Motomarina, Motron, MZV, Oemmeci, Omer, Otus, Pacer, Peripoli, Power, Rieju, Rocvale, Romeo, Safari, Sulky, Technomoto, Testi, Torpado, Yankee Peddle. . .

for garelli it is at least gran sport, sport,

for garelli there is the eureka, sport, gran sport and super sport XL to name a few. there are many more im sure. well, yes like the garelli team. one of my favorites!

morini M1 and MO1 and MO2 engines yes and few of those bikes include – AIM, Aprilia, Bianchi, B.M., Chiorda, Cimatti, D.M.T., Gloria Intramotor, Italjet, Italtelai, Italvelo, Itom, Lazer, Lem, Malaguti, Monark (MCB) , *motomarina, Motobecane, Moto Gori, Moto Meteora, Moto Müller, Moto Villa, Negrini, NVT, Omer, Oscar, Pacer, Peripoli, Rivara, S.W.M., Scorpion, Tecnomoto, T.G.M., Titan, Ufo, and on and on . .



December 11, 2009, 00:56
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massive zen sale on now! deep discounts on the only hydro-formed pipes available for lots of different mopeds, puch, minarelli, derbi + easily modifiable to fit tons of others! get em now while our last remaining stock is in. or forever hold your peace, or smoke your pipe. pass the peace pipe and practice ZEN at home this winter!