treats flash

this month in treatland

hmm while imitation is one of the more sincere forms of flattery (yet again, and again) we’ve been having good times far and wide across the world n cities n states n such in this mini epic of non epic proportions

lots more adventures, some got to go some didn’t, lots more parts discovered yay, lots lie in wait, walla got a magnum, sic alps at sutro heights park in the fog derbi sheared drive shaft flying ninja star sprocket almost got a biker were we drunk in the bushes rescued by roofie s then raided by police oh well walla late night waves crashing fog drenching us blasting thru the park crashing again…and again…offf to the heat found some treats some came back some didn’t more photos somewhere else hey! hq got a phone oh no!  hey the opening of jancar jones presents nothing at no. thanks speakeasy for the keg of beer, hundreds of people appear for nothing it was prettty crazzzy. who knows whats next at no? i do. lots of treatsies coming home in the next few weeks, the palace is taken!  everything loooking sharp incoming thee summer n fall n winter n spring. top secret project ajdkhsak is underway beware. oh and i miss my lil ones jona and pat perry come visit girls n slumber at the palace with us.


treats rally preview of events & non itinerary for all itinerants

hmm, marrakesh to dakar, july 3rd meet in madrid, no stops at bars, none of that usual rally stuff, but maybe better, probably worse? for reference please re read some bowles and burroughs or for the lazy or visually enthralled re watch ‘sheltering sky’ or to live the real live beautiful disaster ‘naked lunch’ alas. stops include a few of the following plus lots more and stuff.  madrid, tangier, chefchaouen, marrakesh, dahkla, nouadhibou, nouakchott, dakar n such probably won’t make it n not really planning on it.  lock up the bikes come back find them again, or get lost and vanish. features include two “worlds largest” events.  oh camping at the ship graveyard for awhile and lotsa beach mopeding action. minimal planning allowed.

click on the photos and wander around and look for things on the map of course

exerpt “Specially here in Nouadhibou, various organized mafia groups and underground organizations find refuge to make business. Korean, Russian, Chinese, Nigerian, Senegalese and also White Moors underground organizations are settled here with their business of drugs, prostitution, car export, fish export, guns and even man slavery working at day light.”

good luck treatsies, 103 full time of course. not degrees. but more or less degrees too.

some people are going i think.

but what’s the real point? to get more stickkkerss.  that’s where our stickers come from, our ancestral treats roots african, maroc and burkina, like going home for treatsies.