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zombie make out inventory liquidation closeout sale at
December 22, 2009, 01:03
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yes! it’s what you’ve all been waiting for ! the amazing end of the year zombie make out inventory liquidation closeout sale at In thanks for all the wonderful support you dreamy souls have given us we’re having a 13% off sale till the end of 2009. Its a zombie makeout party inventory liquidation sale, cause well we had a wild zombie make out party this weekend at the palace, ahh treatland, what a dreamy land. This is the largest, and longest sale of the year and there won’t be another sale for awhile, so take advantage of this opportunity to grab all those parts ya wanted but couldn’t afford till now. Buy a gift for your lover, or lovers, find something for that special someone, your mom, your pa, your neighbor, the friendly mopeder down the street you wanted to approach but were too nervous too, ohh or buy a spark plug caddy for the girl of your dreams and hide a love note inside. We here in treatland, jimmy, rufus, benji, and renee would like to thank you all for allllll the support and love over the past year, happy holidays and enjoy the sale!!!! enjoy yourselves with the coupon code ‘zombie’ lotsa love to ya, benji

OHH and if the part you want isn’t in stock you can always buy a gift certificate, use the coupon code and then grab the part net year !!! gift certificate is here