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dual bing carb puch gilardoni cylinder intake, the self confidence booster you can’t live without

brandi (treat class of ’07) returns to treatland after a hiatus in the hills only to be mystified by the new puch dual bing gilardoni intake. my how things have changed in all these years of treating. note mysterious plate of tater tots / engine case in foreground. hmm.


puch gilardoni dual bing intake

treatland tattoo with puch dual bing gilardoni cylinder intake


find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now!

It is generally considered most mopeders have now mastered the tuning of one single carburetor on one single moped (FALSE), therefore I commissioned the wizards at MLM to create the first in our line of more challenging moped parts, for those who have done it all and seen it all, and are truly bad dudes. Now with this self confidence boosting intake from MLM you can go back to the old days when tuning a carb was a challenge and you weren’t quite sure how best to run that throttle cable into your bing.. cause yeah you got some shit to figure out here!!! Do I make it so they both open at once? Or one for now and one for later? Do I just pretend to make one run so it looks really cool cause I can’t figure out how to setup two?? Lots of decisions, which we, the people of treatland, have, in our kindness, provided for you to alleviate your winter boredom. enjoy! courtesy MLM + treatland, international friend of moped.



WEAK-ENDS BRAND custom moped parts for you
October 20, 2010, 22:30
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we got a a restock of weak-ends intakes, so all our inventory is full and in stock for your shopping ease and enjoyment.

the pile of things mike thomas makes that we have, is growing

what does mike thomas make? i’ll tell you. super nice quality intakes for all kinds of mopeds and kits. disk brakes for puch five stars. puch clutch braces, build your own intake parts. yes, yes and more probably on the way. lots to choose from all made with otherworldly attention to precision craftsmanship. seriously. nothing else comes close to the quality of this stuff!

motomatic huge intakes!
January 27, 2010, 11:30
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just got in a huge delivery of motomatic intakes! all hand made. all custom designed to fit with no complication! all powder coated! for giardoni. for malossi reed block, yeah. for puch piston port, treat kits and 65cc metrakit. uh hu. 80 metra. yessssss it’s got it’s own intake! see them all, love them. and if you don’t buy one, then you must need something else. you must need something really special. something only a custom moped maker can make. ok, look no further. right this way. motomatic mopeds is here to create for you, dreams.. . ..yea your moped dreams await!