treats flash

sale in thee kingdom + free shipping oh my

its been so long since we had a sale and you know it seems like a good day today so…. starting right about now until around about friday i would guess by using the coupon code “treated” you get 6% off when you checkout, plus 5% off thru CLUB TACO and if you decide to place an order over hmm like $150 you can get free shipping with the code “freeship” (sorry hawaii, alaska and international dudes, no free shipping available). sounds like a good plan to me. enjoy.

oh and remember if you want to try to save some cash in the future you can always buy yourself a gift certificate . man i love coupons and discounts, let me know if you ever want to trade coupons or have a coupon clipping party?

as always let us know if we can do anything to make your adventures in treatland better, xo treat