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dual bing carb puch gilardoni cylinder intake, the self confidence booster you can’t live without

brandi (treat class of ’07) returns to treatland after a hiatus in the hills only to be mystified by the new puch dual bing gilardoni intake. my how things have changed in all these years of treating. note mysterious plate of tater tots / engine case in foreground. hmm.


puch gilardoni dual bing intake

treatland tattoo with puch dual bing gilardoni cylinder intake


find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now!

It is generally considered most mopeders have now mastered the tuning of one single carburetor on one single moped (FALSE), therefore I commissioned the wizards at MLM to create the first in our line of more challenging moped parts, for those who have done it all and seen it all, and are truly bad dudes. Now with this self confidence boosting intake from MLM you can go back to the old days when tuning a carb was a challenge and you weren’t quite sure how best to run that throttle cable into your bing.. cause yeah you got some shit to figure out here!!! Do I make it so they both open at once? Or one for now and one for later? Do I just pretend to make one run so it looks really cool cause I can’t figure out how to setup two?? Lots of decisions, which we, the people of treatland, have, in our kindness, provided for you to alleviate your winter boredom. enjoy! courtesy MLM + treatland, international friend of moped.



some new and old friends
April 6, 2010, 22:40
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puch gilardoni is back is stock! not for long im sure. get one now if you want one!

some mykitech is in. if you want to build the fastest moped ever, you should get a mykitech case! then get a scooter kit and things. it’s actually not that overly extremely expensive like it might seem. do some math and add it all up. we’ll be on the look out for the best deals to complete the mykitech cases for you, scooter kits, scooter variators? scooter cdi? and scooters.

we also just got a huge supply of dr pulley! im about to try some in my race bike in a day or two. i cant wait. you know what dr pully is right?

motomatic huge intakes!
January 27, 2010, 11:30
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just got in a huge delivery of motomatic intakes! all hand made. all custom designed to fit with no complication! all powder coated! for giardoni. for malossi reed block, yeah. for puch piston port, treat kits and 65cc metrakit. uh hu. 80 metra. yessssss it’s got it’s own intake! see them all, love them. and if you don’t buy one, then you must need something else. you must need something really special. something only a custom moped maker can make. ok, look no further. right this way. motomatic mopeds is here to create for you, dreams.. . ..yea your moped dreams await!

new shipping rates and finally GILARDONIS with the OG head yah

Today we decided to lower our shipping rates slightly in some areas, you will see some changes, and some of you will see no changes. hmm mysterious! cheaper shipping means more cash to spend on tacos and treats yay. club taco! (listen to the club taco song, made one club taco night by some treaters, yeahhh) Our new shipping logarithim uses the same neuro fuzzy logic as found in my favorite rice cooker, the amazing zojirushi, I got mine for $80 new on ebay score! they are sooo rad if you love rice and treating out. it keeps the rice at the perfecto warm temperature for up to 3 days, or 4 or 5 if you are daring! and if you aren’t into neuro fuzzy logic then you well, hmm.  if you try to eat it after more than 5 days you might turn into a zombie.

in other dreamy news we received a nice pile of gilas with the OG head finally, yeahhhhhh

(rufus put the freaking photo here man!) (ok here ya go)