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EV racing

we’ve all seen the EV racing pipes before. and now direct from buenos aires argentina, they’re here! and there’s more of em in more colors! low cost performance pipes for honda hobbit! all kinds of pipes for minarelli, garelli and morini! check em out now. straight ones, TURBO and TURBO SERIES 3. circuit pipes now in chrome for stylish dudes n ladies. even baffles too! in 19mm and 16mm. lots to see, lots to choose from!


vintage pipe pile

check out some of the strange vintage pipes we have released from the treats vintage pipe museum. prepare to be amazed!


new weak-ends pipes
January 20, 2011, 06:11
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the weak-ends have made some improvements to their hobbit pipe, making it easier to mount up right! and now they have a garelli pipe too! both very nice quality. check em out!

WEAK-ENDS BRAND custom moped parts for you
October 20, 2010, 22:30
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we got a a restock of weak-ends intakes, so all our inventory is full and in stock for your shopping ease and enjoyment.