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Last days of the end of year 2017 treatland sale extravaganza official music video

official music video release of treatland’s 500 year anniversary clearance sale extravaganza

end of the year sale in thee treatland kingdom

les treat

in celebration of this most amazing 2012 and the wonders of 2013 to come the independent kingdom of treatland would like to offer you 10% off any order and free shipping on your orders over $150 from today until the end of the year.

to get these discounts use the coupon code “2012” to get 10% off any order you make and the coupon code “freeship” to get free shipping on any order over $150 (USA only for free ship coupon, sorry international dudes, no free ship for you, contact me for your special bonus though!).

notations : coupons valid from time received until the end of 2012, coupons not valid for dealers, free shipping will ship by our chosen method (ups ground, USPS parcel post, USPS priority), club taco points will NOT be accumulated during the sale, coupons should be entered at the time the order is placed in the box marked “secret code goes here”.

final notation which you should PLEASE NOTE : we are closed from tomorrow (saturday) until weds so everyone can take a break for the new year holiday and because tuesday UPS and USPS are closed. more than likely we will still do some shipping in this period, but what this more so means is your packages will start shipping next weds AM with our full shipping team on the job. no whiney or your account will be set up for 2013 with a reverse discount and “special handling fee” added to each shipment.

2012 has been an incredible year in treatland, and we, the people of treatland, would like to thank you all for your support. if there is anything we can do to make treatland a better place please let us know, we love to get ideas on what we can do to improve your adventures in the kingdom.

i hope i don’t need to remind anyone at this point but for like 2 years now you’ve been earning 5% back in store credit on all your purchases (except those made during sales). to see how much $$$$$$$$$ you have saved up check here . i always love it when i am organizing and researching things and i find a customer that has like $200 in club taco points and probably doesn’t even know it. use it up man! free parts for you you you and you. this makes me happy. the words discount, free and coupon make me start to drool almost with frenzied excitement. i know you feel the same. yeah i do.

for your entertainment a video from our friends at 12fps of yeah star chef, cheffin n tri raddin

there’s a lot more to tell ya but i’ll leave it at this for now.

xo treat


zombie make out inventory liquidation closeout sale at
December 22, 2009, 01:03
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yes! it’s what you’ve all been waiting for ! the amazing end of the year zombie make out inventory liquidation closeout sale at In thanks for all the wonderful support you dreamy souls have given us we’re having a 13% off sale till the end of 2009. Its a zombie makeout party inventory liquidation sale, cause well we had a wild zombie make out party this weekend at the palace, ahh treatland, what a dreamy land. This is the largest, and longest sale of the year and there won’t be another sale for awhile, so take advantage of this opportunity to grab all those parts ya wanted but couldn’t afford till now. Buy a gift for your lover, or lovers, find something for that special someone, your mom, your pa, your neighbor, the friendly mopeder down the street you wanted to approach but were too nervous too, ohh or buy a spark plug caddy for the girl of your dreams and hide a love note inside. We here in treatland, jimmy, rufus, benji, and renee would like to thank you all for allllll the support and love over the past year, happy holidays and enjoy the sale!!!! enjoy yourselves with the coupon code ‘zombie’ lotsa love to ya, benji

OHH and if the part you want isn’t in stock you can always buy a gift certificate, use the coupon code and then grab the part net year !!! gift certificate is here