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there’s so much new. i don’t even know what’s new. but i can show you a couple new items that i think are quite amazing. from EBR. we got all the frame braces now in black! no mare having to buy a can of spray paint any more!

not to mention new versions of the EBR hydraulic forks. between all the different versions we have, there is bound to be one that will fit any moped! they are all the same forks, just with different head tube lengths, different fork tube lengths and different threading diameters. so find the one you need, and if you need help, just ask.

how about these new EBR forks. these might be my favorite ones. i like the dust cover look. perfect i think for puch magnum replacement. tho, these are wider and the brake plate tab is a little different. hum. we will see. might need a longer axle that the original puch front axle. let me check on that.

+ if that wasn’t enough. we ordered stock maxi forks in chrome for ya. if you like the original look. here it is in a beautiful chrome finish!


for your pleasure and satisfaction
February 19, 2010, 05:14
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an EBR sale. if you’ve been thinking about getting any of these EBR forks. nows a good time. better than other times.

shipping dept receiving
December 30, 2009, 11:44
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thee mysteries of 101 daze of treating

it is beyond my comprehension, but we now have 23 in stock versions of forks for you to choose from.  There are sooo many different varities i am worried those with low level anxiety and those troubled by indecision might have some issues come up. If you get scared or nervous then go home n lie down until you feel better.  or find a local like emergency number to call that can talk you through it.  you’ll be ok.  i think.  if not then i am sorry. coupled with indisputably the largest online instock full color (wow) photoed inventory (sorry handy bikes dusts us on inventory of all items, bless them) and you be careful you don’t go all crazy.

I am sure many of have been wondering what, oh just what, is afoot in the lands of treat known as treatland.  Asides from my polini exploding on sunday after something like 4 years of trouble free hiiii speeds on a za50 and my derbi drive shaft shearing a few weeks ago on my rd things are going exceedingly well, you’d have to check in with the dept of weights and measures n the shipping dept too though to get their opinion.  oh and just so you all know once and for all is not owned by us, it is owned by another moped shop, sometimes it links to our ebay store sometimes they redirect it to whatever they feel like, so if you go there and find something and yer like what the fuck is this, then hmm let us know so we can continue to collect evidence against the evildoers. As always we here in treatland are too busy shipping packages, answering emails, and oh generally working to be involved in any childish petty internet games, so don’t ya worry and if you have any specific concerns let us know. yes we are troubled youth, but our energies our directed into the beautiful madness of treatdom, not elsewhere.  we continue to stick to our original mission statement, whatever that was, but it was a good one, i think?

those treaters who went to maroc have returned with much info n wild tales of daytime fantasies (not of sexual abandon, to finish the quote, what is this a quote from to win a prize?), alas I had to stay here no vacations for me, too much to do.  oh well maybe one day there will be a break. Maybe in the winter, oh maybe.  In the meantime I find a peaceful rhythm in my days and believe it or not continue to enjoy and take great pleasure in answering the hundreds of emails we receive everyday.  There have been some continued questions as to if we are going to get a phone and at this point we are still going to stick by the powers of email.  If you make sure to use the correct subject in your questions and choose the correct dept and use this page then yer set. If not then you aren’t set.

known to some, unknown to many the hi rollers special continues for all you hi rollers out there, break a g ($1000 ya) and use coupon code – rollin – and ya get your 10% discount.  only for hi rollers and big pellas, and $999 is not good enough. not valid for shops, sorry dudes!

after thee most successful adventures of nothing at no. by jancar jones, no will over the next few days be morphing into the collective mind of treatdom exploded into a small space.  there are those that would probably say they wish our minds would just explode anyway but ya go to bed ya rats.  For those of you uniformed about no. it is our new space at 15th and valencia which is our experimental independent kingdom of treatland annex.  There is no telling what you may find within, but by about early sept ish it will turn into its next incarnation, a clothing store, some old some new, some manufactured by thee treat/no. empire some not.  It will be a slow ascent into madness from there, slowly filing with oddities rarities and dreams brought to fruition.  no. is empowerment; experimenting n creating opportunities for our treat collective and loved ones. There are some I wish would be involved but our resistant, so sad.

this weekend our lil stoney aka the minister of disinformation and mastermind will be presenting the annual mushrooms international festival (stoney fest to me). the flyer is below and lotsaaa info on lotsa madness by weave, fashion flesh, kkn, honey, n human ear music on the nights of august 22 and august 23 at kimos in thee loin.

many thanks for your continued support, treatsssssssssssss