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taco taco club taco reaches 5% in frequent taco taco club tacos

tako tako, as the midnite greeting goes in treatland, we’ve changed club tako a little so from now on club taco will get ya 5% back in store credit to use on another order another day another planet. think of it like fluctuations in the currency black market, yer in the jungle n the currencies of the world are fluctuating, its like a dream, everytime you go to change money the currency is always in yer favor n gets only better. hmm. time to eat. if you’re confused about all of this, you can join me, cause i sure am or go here n you’ll find most all ya need to know.  hopefully everyone enjoys their time in treatland, xxoxoxo treatsssss

oh and anyone happening to be shopping now gets the last two hours o thee sale plus 5% tako tako lucky rats