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Use sale code “hamtaro” to get 15% off your order total!

BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY IS HERE! Time to sit down, kick off your pants and fire up the ol power mac g3 to get yourself some good ol’ fashion moped parts. I love surfing the net!!! We’re getting close to the end of the year hmmmm……that means it will be time to announce the moped brand of the year for 2022. What will it be? Gizmo perhaps? No…maybe Jawa? It can’t be AMF can it? I don’t know, I’ll have to mull it over for a bit.

With the upcoming sale, we are expecting to be anywhere from 3-7 days behind. Please take this into account when ordering and consider using an expedited shipping option (fedex 3 day/2 day/overnight services) when checking out if you need your parts faster. That being said, Fedex stopped guaranteeing expedited shipping deadlines in late March due to the pandemic. If you use an expedited shipping service and your order does not arrive on time, Fedex is no longer offering shipping cost refunds. Also note that in some rare circumstances, USPS priority and first class service has been taking 2-3 times longer than normal. Add this to everyone this year doing 99% of their shopping online and ya create quite a bit of extra load on our carriers!!

Warning : We have new shipments coming in every day and there will be A LOT of re-stocks happening in the next few days. If there are items that you wish to purchase during the sale that are currently out of stock, be sure to check back periodically as they may magically reappear!!
It is likely that you will experience delays from treatland due to the extraordinary times we are in. Thank you for understanding and sticking with us during these trying times. We truly appreciate it!!
Free shipping applies to all orders over $100 within the continental united states. Once your cart is over $100 the option for free shipping will magically appear in the shipping carrier drop-down menu.

Use sale code “hamtaro” to get 15% off your order total!

Sale starts now and ends on Tuesday 11/30/2021 at 11:59pm PT!


As always, we will ship your order out as soon as possible, but please expect shipping delays associated with the global pandemic. Naturally, orders placed the soonest will ship out the fastest! We have fewer people working for safety reasons so orders will get backed up with approx. 3 – 7 day delays. That being said, the sooner you order the sooner your order will depart; amazing! Early bird gets the worm! 

treatland, “international friend of moped”


18% off in the kingdom PLUS + free SHIP over $150 wowowoww0000

the people of treatland wish to announce that from now until tuesday morning you can get 18% off anything you can find in our store with the coupon code ‘treatout’ then since double coupon-ing is double funtimes x 2, use the code ‘freeship’ to get free shipping on any order over $150!!!!

please note! free shipping is only valid in the domestic US (sorry international dudes, hawaii and alaska). free shipping will ship by whatever method we use – this could be priority mail, USPS parcel post, USPS first class, or UPS ground. We are closed from weds night to monday AM this week so everyone can take a break for the holiday. there will be a shipping delay due to this! so no whining please. dealers these coupons are not valid for you, sorry. oh and club taco points will not be accumulated for purchases during the sale.

thanks again for the amazzzing year so far from all of us at treatland. please let us know anytime if you have any ideas or advice for us on how we can make things better!!! xo treat

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taco taco club taco reaches 5% in frequent taco taco club tacos

tako tako, as the midnite greeting goes in treatland, we’ve changed club tako a little so from now on club taco will get ya 5% back in store credit to use on another order another day another planet. think of it like fluctuations in the currency black market, yer in the jungle n the currencies of the world are fluctuating, its like a dream, everytime you go to change money the currency is always in yer favor n gets only better. hmm. time to eat. if you’re confused about all of this, you can join me, cause i sure am or go here n you’ll find most all ya need to know.  hopefully everyone enjoys their time in treatland, xxoxoxo treatsssss

oh and anyone happening to be shopping now gets the last two hours o thee sale plus 5% tako tako lucky rats


sale is still on. . .