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meet yer treatsies – introducing boris aka STAR CHEF

in this installment of the treats gang famous treats series we have boris portnoy, our very own beloved star chef!  ya gotta watch a silly ad for a few seconds before you get to see our star chef in action, enjoy!

How to Make Pumpkin Pie with Boris Portnoy

By Meredith Arthur and Eric Slatkin

Pastry chef Boris Portnoy gives new life to a Thanksgiving cliché. Generic, canned pumpkin pie mix plus freezer-burned pie crust equals fake smiles on the faces of your friends and families. Real smiles come from choosing your own pumpkin—there are many heirloom varieties to pick from—and then customizing and experimenting as you go, using Portnoy’s recipe as a guide. You’ll find that the result is better than you imagined possible.
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california 1% sale!!!!
March 11, 2009, 13:46
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hey californians!! guess what! you can save 1% for the entire month of march!! yay! special deal only for californians because our elected officials are raising the sales tax to 9.5% in april. the scum! so save now or literally pay the price. SUCKS. idiots.