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new airsal delights
November 13, 2010, 21:54
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we have drastically expanded our selection of airsal. and we also learned that airsal is one of the best and highest quality kit makers there is!! we learned first hand all about the airsal manufacturing process in italy. so if yo thought airsal was that kinda crappy cheap brand. NO, think again. AIRSAL IS TOP OF THE LINE!! just take a look at an airsal kit. he nikisil is of the finest quality! and the casting is quite flawless. anyway. look at these new kits. peugeot water cooled! motobecane monsters and H2O + derbi flat reed and the usual tomos and puch kits. + now we carry all the replacement pistons, rings and gaskets. and dont forget the honda MB5 and derbi senda and GPR kits too


take a look
October 8, 2009, 03:33
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look here. take a peek, here is one of the most amazing kits by far. the motobecane malossi 50cc water cooled GR2 porting monstrosity for AV10. it’s been forever since we’ve had this kit so get it while you can if you’re into this kind of thing. going fast i mean. with only 50ccs. i bet this can go faster than most of your gilardonis or polini kits! what do you want to bet? 80s technology oooozes from this kit. if you didn’t know. 2 stroke moped technology was at it’s hight in the 80s. and has mostly regressed, since then.


+ if want more 50cc action, check out the new 50cc flat reed derbi cast iron kit. it features a huge oil reservoir or something like that down by the exhaust port. i think that’s what it is? hum. see, fas, cinating, iv’e never seen anything quite like it. have you? cast iron is so forgiving, heavy but forgiving. i know for a fact you can seize a kit like this 2 or 3 times in the same day and continue on you way each time as if nothing happened. tis true, ask a buddy. if you don’t believe me. they will tell you too.


crazy daze

hey hey my loves, it has been off the hook insane at HQ lately in more ways that I care to recount. We’ve made and our continuing to make a TON of changes. I am really sorry if there are delays on emails or shipping, there shouldn’t be, especially in the shipping dept. We are literally overflowing in goodies and there are some massive photo sessions to take place in the next few days as we add about 100 or so new items into the store. Of course if we are photoing them, you haven’s seen them before and neither have we. As usual it is 537 AM, I’ve been up for hours, after a scant few hours of meaningless sleep and I think now I shall have my first cafe of the day and see where that leads me. I just updated some NINJA I found under my bed while looking for my slippers n smokin jacket, uh yeah.