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new 45mm tomos A35 alukit!
November 12, 2010, 07:50
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we just got our new batch of tomos A35 alukits and now they are 45mm instead of the previous 44mm. rad improvement right? yeah! that’s more power and more cc for you. check em out. ready to go. with gaskets and all


tomos alukit kstar dmp call it what ya want
March 13, 2009, 13:37
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I have a dear friend who has been pushin these to the very edge of sanity…and makin it back, listen to this —

Benji! Your Tomos alumikit ported and polished and trimmed with your exhaust in this category needed the flange hole drilled 2 sixes so it would bolt up properly.Your 15 mm carb Clocked in at 79.3 miles per hour in Salt Lake city Sunday.Prevous testing without porting and polishing and window altered and same gearing finished at 72.3 MPH.Your Tomos Aluminkit Stood up well during 2-100 lap races on a 1/3 mile testing track.Motor was tore down and showed very littleminor scuffing.Porting and polishing improved engine from a stock Alumnikit by approx 1320 Rpm and brought temp down by 31 degrees running at 94 octane fuel.Good product.Quite impressed.Thank You XXXXX (witness protection n yaaaaa)

umm whoa, AMAZING.  HQ sends you its highest regards.