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treatland rally updater – DEC 11th-13th CBBG 11: Major Chad to Ground Control

good morning and welcome to this decades treatland rally update. amidst all the chaos go and enjoy some time with chad burke in space (ok…online) at CBBG 11. there is a sick rizzato available at the raffle as well as a bunch of treatland gift certificates plus all your long lost friends you haven’t seen since 2019 2018 maybe 2012 or 2005. i know there’s some recluses out there. anyway…here is all the info and the sign up page below — registration is $20 and includes free shirt, entrance in raffle, and lotsa good times….and you don’t even have to leave home or get out of your pajamas, sounds good to me.


Really excited that this marks the ELEVENTH Annual Moped Community Build and Gather (CBBG) will be held the weekend of December 11th through the 13th, 2020 and broadcast from Quarterkick in Kalamazoo, MI.

This has been a challenging year for all of us. It pains me to not be able to host you all in my shop and provide knowledge and access to equipment many don’t have usually. I’ve chosen an online format this year to help keep everyone safe. I’ll add pins to the map of virtual attendees this year in a special designated color.

As always, this event helps me make improvements and sustain costs incurred by having a shop this large. The donations received greatly help in promoting and encouraging attendance every year and are greatly appreciated.

People from all over the country universe (edit;treatland) will congregate online as they come to show off their personal build spaces and shops with sandblast, powdercoat, welding, rebuilt engines and build up bikes.

There will be shirts, pins, and one raffle ticket per registration.

For this years raffle, there’s a Rizzato Atala Master 50 (top) up for grabs, complete restoration is underway right now, but the color scheme will be very similar to that of the Peugeot (bottom).

Also of interest could be the $500 in treatland gift certificates.

Feel free to invite anyone to join us!


Quarterkick is owned and operated by Chad Burke, whom has been riding, wrenching, and active with mopeds and the greater moped community for over 33 years. From parts, service, restoration, custom builds, or community events, he continues to assist and maintain an active role in building community. Not only working on mopeds, but furthering the overall community through workshops, interaction, and sharing of knowledge and resources.


MOPED GP 2019 – May 17th – 19th – Prairie city karting track



moped GP 2019


Once again it is time for Moped GP!!! This year the track opens on friday for racer dudes to get some more practice in. I know our fleet of vespa ciao race bikes needs some more tunin before they are ready so we will see ya there!!! Be prepared to cower in fear at the site of our rotary valve 86cc ciao? Hmm.


Find all the info you need here at


of course treatland is a happy sponsor of moped gp 2019 as we have been every year since the beginning!


treatland sponsor of moped gp 2019


Other sponsors include…


AMRA sponsor of moped GP 2019


MLM sponsor of moped gp 2019


Malossi logo sponsor of moped GP 2019


and more!


racer dudes at moped GP




We are closed friday july 6th 2018
July 6, 2018, 08:51
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yes, we are closed friday july 6th 2018. one day I will look back on this and remember being closed friday july 6th 2018. We will reopen monday july 9th. In the meantime use sale code “tubtalk” for 18% off. Enter this magical code in the box marked “secret code goes here” when ya checkout. If you can’t get that right then you can’t use the code. ok, c u monday.


actually I’m working friday and all weekend, but shipping and dept of emails (hi diana and chuck) is closed cause everyone needed a long weekend to recover from life.


actually david is shipping all weekend and I’m processing shipments all weekend so plenty of you lucky souls will still receive your tracking info over the weekend, but technically we are CLOSED. I will still spend the weekend wandering in the treatland virtual world as I always do, perhaps I will see you there???

this is your treatsflash news update and we are finished for now.

Puch days of summer

a puch maxi fan sends in their 2017 ode to maxi “puch days of summer”

teaser update for 2018

full 2018 version coming soon i hear. what will happen to all these maxis in 2018? we gotta know!!!!

good work Ian Avery-Leaf & everyone else who worked on this! make more!!!

Rodney says “soundtrack should be metal.”