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🎓will’s high school graduation sale🎓
tldr: 20% off use code “zalesforce” sale ends 6/2/2018
Hi my name is William. I graduated high school and I’m having a big sale to celebrate. I was in the top 20th percentile of my class so it’s gonna be a 20% off sale I guess.
Use sale code “zalesforce” to get 20% off your order total! As always, free shipping applies to all orders over $150 within the continental united states. Once your cart is over $150 the option for free shipping will magically appear in the shipping carrier drop down menu.
Sale starts now and ends on 6/2/18 at 11:59pm PM
As always, we will get your order out as soon as possible, but please expect normal shipping delays associated with a sale. Naturally, orders placed the soonest will ship out the fastest and orders after the weekend (5/26 – 5/27) will have the most delays! That being said, please prepare for 1 – 7 day delays on your order….however, the sooner you order the sooner your order will depart, amazing! Early bird gets the worm! 💨💨
treatland, “international friend of moped”
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Yes, it’s true, we are finally moving after 11 years in SF. Thankfully we have found an enormous warehouse to store all our treasure in since treats SF was getting way way way way too small for us after all these years. We expect to be moving around the 19th of Feb til the end of the month, though we will hopefully only have perhaps 3-4 days when we are totally unable to ship so more than likely you won’t even notice. I’m hoping. We’ll update the TREATSFLASH once our moving dates are confirmed and perhaps even share a photo of our sick new home. Thanks again for all your support over the years!!


coolest tomos vid ever

dual bing carb puch gilardoni cylinder intake, the self confidence booster you can’t live without

brandi (treat class of ’07) returns to treatland after a hiatus in the hills only to be mystified by the new puch dual bing gilardoni intake. my how things have changed in all these years of treating. note mysterious plate of tater tots / engine case in foreground. hmm.


puch gilardoni dual bing intake

treatland tattoo with puch dual bing gilardoni cylinder intake


find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now! find it in our virtual world now!

It is generally considered most mopeders have now mastered the tuning of one single carburetor on one single moped (FALSE), therefore I commissioned the wizards at MLM to create the first in our line of more challenging moped parts, for those who have done it all and seen it all, and are truly bad dudes. Now with this self confidence boosting intake from MLM you can go back to the old days when tuning a carb was a challenge and you weren’t quite sure how best to run that throttle cable into your bing.. cause yeah you got some shit to figure out here!!! Do I make it so they both open at once? Or one for now and one for later? Do I just pretend to make one run so it looks really cool cause I can’t figure out how to setup two?? Lots of decisions, which we, the people of treatland, have, in our kindness, provided for you to alleviate your winter boredom. enjoy! courtesy MLM + treatland, international friend of moped.


treats at treats …. TODAY

today from high noon to 1:30/2 ish satellite republic will be making treats at treats, 3069 17th st.

you should come and have lunch

its weds today

treat out

star chef star cheffin satellite republic

more treats in treatland – satellite republic

once again the land of treats births another moped capable of making actual treats … rumors pass through the kingdom that perhaps the true nature of mopeds is, asides from blastin, actually making tasty treats. oh who woulda thought.

this is a star chef, cheffin

remember when we thought the point of mopeds was to get to the treats faster, how does that work when the moped is aaaa makin the treats?  this one even has a tandoor oven built into it. i always wanted one of those in my backyard, i gotta get a backyard first though i guess.

it even has a tandoor, oh boy

this is a flat bread cookin in a tandoor!!!! treat out!

one thing i know so far, the treat capable mopeds sure aren’t moving too fast, so even the slowest batavus will be able to hunt down any treat mobiles.  did i actually see new parts in treatland that are not new cylinders or new pipes, no new mag wheels or carbs but the much talked about maxi conversion kit for turning any maxi (newport, s, k, II, n, nostalgia only) into hi speed treat making devices? I think i did? well, for sure tomorrow at the kingdoms sister store NO. (389 VALENCIA) you can enjoy treats made by our very own star chef, and you can read all about it and more here.

this is a sandwich!! looks like CLUB GEORGIAN TACO to me tho!!

this is a sandwich!! looks like CLUB GEORGIAN TACO to me tho!!

readers of one of my favorite books ever, flatbreads and flavors, will already be well versed on the kachapuri made by our beloved star chef.

this is imeruli khachipuri, with adjika on top

this is imeruli khachipuri, with adjika on top!!!!!

what we’re all really waitin for though is the rumored late summer face off between treat grasso’s ciao porter 64cc treat machine and star chef’s minarelli V1 80cc satellite republic, total treat out.

this is a treat machine, it makes tacos!!

this is a treat machine, it makes tacos!!

the big question though on the grease smacked lips of all is what will happen if the dark horse treat, brandi, and his maxi tri rad appear, this could throw the city into a treating frenzy it might perhaps not recover from.

new stange things from brn
January 12, 2011, 08:04
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we got a nice supply of new and strange items from BRN. all minarelli, garelli and morini stuff. and there’s more on the way, so keep a look out for the new stuff as well. many different varieties of clutches. and now, clutch bells, gears, shafts and other bits and pieces. + of course the kits! 48mm and 51mm minarelli kits for V1 piston port engines and V1L case inducted reed valve engines, and V1LKS case inducted reed valve kick start engines, yeow. 5 ports, 7 ports and on and on + the new kits that will be appearing in the store soon. + the pietcard performance CDI boxes!


alot of this stuff is new to us and we encourage anyone who knows more about these parts than we do to let us know. if we have any mis-information on the products or if something can be improved please let us know as we are only now familiarizing ourselves with these strange italian engines. here’s a few exploded view images for your viewing pleasure and to assist you in your education.

and as for the mopeds with these engines.. . the list is practically endless! for minarelli engines we have – AMF, Aprilia, Aspes, Atala, Baretta, Beta, Bianchi, Bimotor, B.M., Carabela, Casalini, C.F., Chiordo, Cimatti, Cimatti City Bike, Empolini, Everton, Fantic Motor, F.M.B., Gabbiano, Gaddabout, Gazelle, General 5-Star, Gerosa, Gimk, Gitan, Gitane, Giulietta, Gloria Intramotor, Indian, Italjet, Legnano, Malanca, M.B., Milani, Mebea, Mondial, Moto Bimm, Moto Gori, Motomarina, Motron, MZV, Oemmeci, Omer, Otus, Pacer, Peripoli, Power, Rieju, Rocvale, Romeo, Safari, Sulky, Technomoto, Testi, Torpado, Yankee Peddle. . .

for garelli it is at least gran sport, sport,

for garelli there is the eureka, sport, gran sport and super sport XL to name a few. there are many more im sure. well, yes like the garelli team. one of my favorites!

morini M1 and MO1 and MO2 engines yes and few of those bikes include – AIM, Aprilia, Bianchi, B.M., Chiorda, Cimatti, D.M.T., Gloria Intramotor, Italjet, Italtelai, Italvelo, Itom, Lazer, Lem, Malaguti, Monark (MCB) , *motomarina, Motobecane, Moto Gori, Moto Meteora, Moto Müller, Moto Villa, Negrini, NVT, Omer, Oscar, Pacer, Peripoli, Rivara, S.W.M., Scorpion, Tecnomoto, T.G.M., Titan, Ufo, and on and on . .


super stuffy
September 15, 2009, 11:38
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in case you missed our newest treats creation, buried in the pile of new partssss we see stacking up all around us. we cant seem to stop ordering new parts and commissioning new molds. recommissioning the dead and i can barely move in here. the shelves are sagging under the weight. as we learned in earlier days the heaviest parts go on top. to keep me grounded and the shelves are intackt. t see here; super stuffy. E50 puch crankshaft stuffed with the highest quality aluminum we could lay our hands on. this is a rito crank. . ……..,,this is a rito crank………, this is a rito crank,. . . ,  . this is not a rito crank.  but with better a bearing. the  silver needle bearing. behold——— too. two lube holes, for lubrication of wrist pins, pistons, needles, bearings and the like. improved flow of oil. yet with improvement you will find thissss at a fraction of the cost and at a higher quality doing away with the issues that have plagued ritos.  as the largest CRANK dealers in the US oh by far by far, we do know some things, something a few things.  this first pressing is going fast, don’t be the last. we break the molds and move on. its like ltd edition pressings of records man, don’t miss it or suffer.  as cervantes would say by the street of by-and-by, one arrives at the house of never.

this the entrance to no. not never.