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Sac rally squid life crisis Sept 2017

vid by tim seward

twas a fun time

thank you landsquids


The TOMOS factory 2017 … sneak preview
September 16, 2017, 02:27
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a look inside the tomos factory, August 2017

update for the week of may 29th to june ish 2014 (00007 in the treat calendar), more shipping info! TAT updates!

you know those holidays that everyone takes off and enjoys themselves outside in the sun? the ones where the banks close and USPS stops picking up and UPS even takes a day off? those are the days we usually get more work done than most other days at treats. with the doors shut we pretend to be closed for the day, but actually its madness within the treat lair. no memorial day holiday for us, so you will get your shipments quicker…how does that make you feel? i bet you feel pretty good, so go enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some sticky buns. we are still about 3 days behind on orders due to the sale which is a bummer, but we’re doin the best we can. in the future we can consider not having sales if you like? what do you think, 3 day delay on shipping for a week or no sales? tough choice huh? we’ll convene a committee have a meeting and think this one over. to begin to conclude this shipping update we are hoping to get caught up to weds evening by friday putting us around 2 days behind. I think i’m going to go in on sat and sun and do some shipping myself even as i have been stuck in the virtual land of treats for so long.. all these screens n keyboards, man i hope they unplug me and let me ship soon and leave my hal like state. i was human once. maybe if i beg them friday morning they will let me out to ship packages. conclusion of shipping update.


trans america trail moped bros


TAT riders, thanks alex for the photo!

its been a close call in the battle to see who can lead the pack in documenting the TAT whilst on the move but it seems like we have a winner!!! from now on plz refer to get blatzed for all your TAT updates along the way. as if tryin to ride the TAT wasn’t enough of a mission, have you ever tried to regularly update a blog??? now thats some serious shit. over the course of the coming months we will be including some words and photos from the TAT, but i do encourage all of you interested readers to continue to get blatzed tumblr and ohhh yes too!!!!!  we are super excited to be a part of adventures like this, nothin better than sleepin outside in the dirt for months and wandering the dirt roads of the world, oh do i miss it.

you’ll be able to see things like willy from treats makin a pot of coffee on the side of the road while using his camping stove to heat up a bearing and rebuild a hobbit engine!! wtf!!! this is life!!!

thanks alex for the photo!

my last update, sure to please long time followers of the kingdom is this news piece from today i received from our one and only stoney. for sure it wouldn’t have been the first time i’d seen stoney running barefoot in the streets. or the word “frenzy” in the same paragraph with stoney for that matter. how anyone makes it in the news so much i don’t know, must be a special one.

there’s a ton of new parts at the store, new shipments, etc but we are too busy shipping so they will wait till next week to make an appearance. sorry!

more treats in treatland – satellite republic

once again the land of treats births another moped capable of making actual treats … rumors pass through the kingdom that perhaps the true nature of mopeds is, asides from blastin, actually making tasty treats. oh who woulda thought.

this is a star chef, cheffin

remember when we thought the point of mopeds was to get to the treats faster, how does that work when the moped is aaaa makin the treats?  this one even has a tandoor oven built into it. i always wanted one of those in my backyard, i gotta get a backyard first though i guess.

it even has a tandoor, oh boy

this is a flat bread cookin in a tandoor!!!! treat out!

one thing i know so far, the treat capable mopeds sure aren’t moving too fast, so even the slowest batavus will be able to hunt down any treat mobiles.  did i actually see new parts in treatland that are not new cylinders or new pipes, no new mag wheels or carbs but the much talked about maxi conversion kit for turning any maxi (newport, s, k, II, n, nostalgia only) into hi speed treat making devices? I think i did? well, for sure tomorrow at the kingdoms sister store NO. (389 VALENCIA) you can enjoy treats made by our very own star chef, and you can read all about it and more here.

this is a sandwich!! looks like CLUB GEORGIAN TACO to me tho!!

this is a sandwich!! looks like CLUB GEORGIAN TACO to me tho!!

readers of one of my favorite books ever, flatbreads and flavors, will already be well versed on the kachapuri made by our beloved star chef.

this is imeruli khachipuri, with adjika on top

this is imeruli khachipuri, with adjika on top!!!!!

what we’re all really waitin for though is the rumored late summer face off between treat grasso’s ciao porter 64cc treat machine and star chef’s minarelli V1 80cc satellite republic, total treat out.

this is a treat machine, it makes tacos!!

this is a treat machine, it makes tacos!!

the big question though on the grease smacked lips of all is what will happen if the dark horse treat, brandi, and his maxi tri rad appear, this could throw the city into a treating frenzy it might perhaps not recover from.

this weeks parts updater

so far this week a few interesting parts to take note of, firstly new reed sets for the malossi 4 petal for puch, tomos, peugeot, motobecane, whatever you have. these new reed sets are in .30mm and .35mm so you can either replace the .30mm you’ve been using forever or use the .35mm which you probably wanted anyway but didn’t want to cut yourself.

hmm lets see oh yes finally some black 300mm shocks with 8mm bushings so you don’t have to do any bushing modification for puch maxi and the like…

oh can’t forget a new sachs kit, i mean when was the last time we saw a new sachs cylinder kit??? 48mm 80cc single ring piston port for 505 and 504, perhaps this one isn’t quite as beastly as the athena 48mm reed version, and is perfecto? we will soon find out, hopefully someone decides to try it soon.

a bunch of new vespa cylinders also appeared, athena for 10 and 12mm wrist pins, 38.4mm, 43mm, 46mm… pretty much all you could ever need, perhaps? they look super nice, lotsa ports, nikasil coating, usual excellent athena quality.

hmm there’s piles of new parts we haven’t had the time to add to the store yet, slowly coming little by little a few more each day to add to the kingdom. send in your requests thru the store if there’s anything you want us to try to search out. there’s some new buttons on the site, thanks to the minister of buttons, they’ll be changing around over the next few days n weeks so don’t push the wrong one and end up in taco land when you wanted to be in the new parts.

otherwise hmm some things i saw lately

n thats all for now, just a brief updating of some new items to appear.

more new new new more oh my oh my

hmm there’s a problem in treatland lately, you see so many new things keep appearing here and overwhelming us that i’m afraid they are getting lost in the ever growing maze of treatland. i mean how are you really going to find these

i mean who is going to go searching for goggles?? ridiculous ! lucky for you our patented trademarked copyrighted treat machine super computer could find them for you in half a second if you wanted, but i doubt you’ll be searching for goggles unless its 2am and the sun, is, err really bright and there’s a dust storm of toxic sludge brewin out on the horizon. anyway for those of you really bored or really curious i recommend you follow this link to look thru 13 pages of 396 items, and its more fun if you start on page 13 and work yer way back, so much odd weird stuff back there in the depths of the kingdom. hmm anyway, as far as interesting things to appear and almost immediately disappear into the vortex lately —

a real bolt on tomos A3 44mm cylinder kit by airsal, oh la la finally, took awhile for us to make this one appear, but its here now, 10mm wrist pin and all.

i can’t believe we aren’t sold out of these yet, i love things like this, these are freakin huge, all the cool chopper dudezzz parts get sent to japan anyway, oh well ! as my time in treatland passes i find i get excited by the most disturbing things, the parts that are the strangest and most beautifully obscene, a sign of my descending madness.

well we all know what that is, magnum LTD dashboard now at a much more reasonable price. makes a nice speedo mount + cup holder if you are too poor for a tach.

ugh what a monstrosity, only from the evil minds of BLK BLK could something like this appear, have they no respect for the way things are supposed to be?? treat 45mm reed kit with a dio 26mm reed block welded on?? shit!! chk the reviews for updated info, more of these on the way soon!

got a bunch of kawasaki AR50 parts in recently, we had a few requests from people so why not ohh why not?

oh rats, you see even i can’t remember everything interesting that’s appeared lately…

ah here we go, this appeared yesterday, its realllllly suppppper beautiful, very pleasing brown pleather covering, seems thicker to my touches than other seat coverings, but i could be mind controling myself. regardless very nice and perfect for all you classy types out there or those of ya tired of seeing endless black seats.

and yet another seat, there was one of the original puch versions of these in the store yesterday, identical length, and just slightly wider in the front otherwise its verrrry similar to that seat, you know the puch 1.5 buddies seat, the one everyone likes no one dislikes and is hard to find? the one found on some maxis, swingers, pintos ..yeep that one. i don’t know whats up with the mounting on the bottom, looks like it will require lil craftiness, but at this point thats the least of anyones worries. enjoy.

oh and can’t forget treat pipe version 1. read the reviews on these for more info…the chrome one is so blinding it makes me ill. i sent one to louisville for the bandits rally raffle (along with some other treats too of course) check it out there if ya like.

treat pipe chrome v 1hmm thats all for now.



the independent kingdom of treatland has moved!!

ohh yes, unbeknownst to most thee kingdom has moved again!!!! you will now find us at 3069 17th st (at treat of course) in a place we could have ahh just a lil bit ago only have dreamed of. its hard to believe just 3 or maybe ohhh 2 n a lil years ago treats was in my bedroom, shelves piled high everywhere, stacks of gilardonis on top of my fridge, my mattress put up for the day on the wall brought down to sleep in the eves, our living room turned into the pipe annex and now we have thee most amazzzzzzing gigantic warehouse. this is our 5th expansion in less than 3 and a half lil years. three days of moving, pretty much ZERO downtime on shipping and we’re up and running fully organized to a level unimaginable. this new move equals to our beloved friends and customers a level of service and efficiency previously hmm not possible. yeahh go ahead come visit, drive right on into the store. do wheelies along the aisles like the one of a kind jimmy nolan. ok maybe don’t do that, but come see and be amazed. you won’t be disappointed. me, i’m hoping for a hot tub in there soon, but i like to dream, oh do i. pair all this with the new amazing connections we’ve been making worldwide and you’ll soon see new products previously only dreamable of, new prices ohh that ya thought couldn’t exist and ya know lotsa otherwordly things. i would like to commend the AMAZING shipping dept. you can’t even imagine the devotion that goes into the shipping dept these days. lately we’ve received multiple messages of packages leaving sf on saturday and arriving in ny on monday AM. do you know what kinda connections ya gottta have to get this?




by the way its raining now, so perfecto time to buy this!!!!