treats flash

shocking tales of treatland, actually just more updatesssss

just pretend this sachs headlight is reading all of this to you and you will enjoy it more. sure in treatland mopeds can talk, duh.

oh good morning to you from treatland, there’s been a nasty rash of treat tattoos appearing lately, just this am i found this amidst the emails of treatland

i think its some kinda bacterial infection that causes treat tattoos to occur in thee most pious, watch out careful careful hati hati when coming near these individuals.

of course piles of new parts came in this week, not as much as last week which jimmy is thankful for, but still lots of interesting new parts we’ve all been dreamin about i think?? we did for a few brief hours even have some tshirts from the GLG, but well that didn’t last long. more on the way hopefully?

from the thrilling heights of lifestyle fashion accessories we move on to a rather more mundane, yet crucial piece, everyones favorite … gaskets oh shit!!!!! we have about 8% more gaskets than we did a week ago, including a ton for honda, even full sets for the NU50 express and NC50 express and of course all the hobbits of the world.

you’ll also find new gasket sets for minarelli, derbi, and hmm oh yes um demm smiley even ! of course, due to the volume of madness here at treats expect to find an error here and there, we couldn’t possibly know everything ya know? so email us and let us know if you find a mistake, we’re working on compiling our coffee table book of everything you ever needed to know about everything moped and more but its going to be a few more ummm years till you can get it n wow everyone. so forgive us for our stupidity, we’re tryin and only half of us are robots or non human i think.

movin right thru the weeks parts i see we have a big pile of motion left pipes that have arrived

whoa center bleed for minarelli V1 even, nuts, what is this world comin to. man its craaazzzy to think if you just didn’t look at treatland for the past year, like if you were stuck in a basement by your parents for being bad, or tied up as a sex slave all year (you know who i’m talking about right?),  what you would find now upon reaching a comp again. i think we’ve increased our stocks by something like 1500-2000 new parts. i can hardly imagine what that looks like, except actually, i know, and its not a pretty sight at all. oh ok it is, kinda. there’s even some realllly lovely stainless limited edition pipes as well

garelli bad dudes finally bring some intel on the team kits

whats the scoop then bad dudes?

i’m sure there’s more yeah i mean i know there is, but i have some other tasks at hand! i can’t sit around here all day uploading photos when i have emails to answer ya know? just in case you didn’t know there’s more treatland out there than you knew, oh well, kind of… it seems former master of shipping jimmy nolan took it upon himself to create a facebook for treats oh my oh no arhg  ! horror! so you can go be friends with him, if you want, it seems he’s putting it to good use by uploading photos of his glory days as master of shipping lately, haa! maybe if he makes more friends he will be more inspired and share some of the shocking tales of intrigue and gossip to occur within the land of treat. who knows?? ! and if you want to still delve deeper into that kinda world you can even go to yelp and read all 6 tales of treatland and hey thank your favorite, everyones favorite the magical shipping dept!!!!!!! myself i’m going to read cooking blogs or something and day dream of treats i can eat. oh which reminds me portland has lost a brave forward thinking machine and mopeder in the past week, the treat machine returns to its birthplace (i think??) SF TREATLAND. is there really a 3 wheel ciao porter thats a taco truck?

for now it slumbers in treatland, oh magical independent kingdom of treatland, i was there last night in my dream i think?

a visit to a parallel treatland, concurrentlycounter attack


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Ya know I’m not a Sachs fan but that may be changin’. Damn rad bike.

Comment by bill murrow

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