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more new new new more oh my oh my

hmm there’s a problem in treatland lately, you see so many new things keep appearing here and overwhelming us that i’m afraid they are getting lost in the ever growing maze of treatland. i mean how are you really going to find these

i mean who is going to go searching for goggles?? ridiculous ! lucky for you our patented trademarked copyrighted treat machine super computer could find them for you in half a second if you wanted, but i doubt you’ll be searching for goggles unless its 2am and the sun, is, err really bright and there’s a dust storm of toxic sludge brewin out on the horizon. anyway for those of you really bored or really curious i recommend you follow this link to look thru 13 pages of 396 items, and its more fun if you start on page 13 and work yer way back, so much odd weird stuff back there in the depths of the kingdom. hmm anyway, as far as interesting things to appear and almost immediately disappear into the vortex lately —

a real bolt on tomos A3 44mm cylinder kit by airsal, oh la la finally, took awhile for us to make this one appear, but its here now, 10mm wrist pin and all.

i can’t believe we aren’t sold out of these yet, i love things like this, these are freakin huge, all the cool chopper dudezzz parts get sent to japan anyway, oh well ! as my time in treatland passes i find i get excited by the most disturbing things, the parts that are the strangest and most beautifully obscene, a sign of my descending madness.

well we all know what that is, magnum LTD dashboard now at a much more reasonable price. makes a nice speedo mount + cup holder if you are too poor for a tach.

ugh what a monstrosity, only from the evil minds of BLK BLK could something like this appear, have they no respect for the way things are supposed to be?? treat 45mm reed kit with a dio 26mm reed block welded on?? shit!! chk the reviews for updated info, more of these on the way soon!

got a bunch of kawasaki AR50 parts in recently, we had a few requests from people so why not ohh why not?

oh rats, you see even i can’t remember everything interesting that’s appeared lately…

ah here we go, this appeared yesterday, its realllllly suppppper beautiful, very pleasing brown pleather covering, seems thicker to my touches than other seat coverings, but i could be mind controling myself. regardless very nice and perfect for all you classy types out there or those of ya tired of seeing endless black seats.

and yet another seat, there was one of the original puch versions of these in the store yesterday, identical length, and just slightly wider in the front otherwise its verrrry similar to that seat, you know the puch 1.5 buddies seat, the one everyone likes no one dislikes and is hard to find? the one found on some maxis, swingers, pintos ..yeep that one. i don’t know whats up with the mounting on the bottom, looks like it will require lil craftiness, but at this point thats the least of anyones worries. enjoy.

oh and can’t forget treat pipe version 1. read the reviews on these for more info…the chrome one is so blinding it makes me ill. i sent one to louisville for the bandits rally raffle (along with some other treats too of course) check it out there if ya like.

treat pipe chrome v 1hmm thats all for now.




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I recently purchased a petcock for my 1974 Indian ME100, WOW! what a fit, works great and the price was very reasonable, and I could’nt believe how fast I got it, Thank you benji for all the info and help, You’re a Diamond Mate……..Regards Mike

Comment by Michael Munoz

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