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pietcard CDI
February 22, 2011, 11:10
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we now have a nice supply of the pietcard CDI conversion sets. these CDIs are what they call sensor-less CDI. you use them with your stock points stater plate and flywheel! crazy, right? and don’t forget about all the pietcard CDI boxes we have as well. you can use these on all kinds of mopeds. + some more pietcard surprises to come.

here’s some info about the sensor-less CDI from pietcard

sensor-less CDI

The acronym means CDI Capacitive Discharge Ignition.
As its name implies, uses a capacitor that is charged with a given voltage and discharged on the winding high at the time required for the motor.
The sensor consists of power without a supply roll, a CDI (black box) and a high coil.
Turning the flywheel coil generates AC power which sends the CDI.
The Commission charges the capacitor with the positive half-cycles of alternating current and the negative discharge, therefore each complete cycle of alternating current results in a firing spark plug.
Fliers who work with this system consist of 4 magnets and generate 2 sinusoids per turn, so for this reason the sensor ignition system produce 2 sparks per revolution, one in PMS and another in PMI.
To achieve the right setting combines cutting flywheel key, position and polarity of the magnets, the position of the supply roll with the advance degrees required by the motor.
Due to the characteristics of the CDI are always fixed point at which they are used for 2-stroke engines and low displacements that do not require an advance curve complex.

here’s how pietcard CDIs are made in the pietcard factory. looks pretty advanced!

Pietcard Electronics SRL Argentina is a company founded in 1990 and based in the city of Pilar, in the center of the province of Santa Fe. Proven track record guarantees the highest performance in its extensive line of products geared especially to the manufacturing of electronic ignition and voltage regulators. With excellent levels of performance, functionality and security, this being a certified ISO 9001 company, with scope to: Design, Development, Manufacture, Sale & Service of Electronic Equipment for Mopeds!



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hola buenas noches amigo necesito un cdi para un gpz 550 cuanto me sale

Comment by chanon

I am impressed with Pietcards products and their dedication to making modernizing kits for old point type magneto ignitions systems. Now where to buy one for my AMF moped with a Motori Minarelli V1 motor?

Comment by Noah Ackerman

[…] Never heard of it, but google does bring a few items up. pietcard CDI | treats flash […]

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I would love to put your system on my stock 1979 Garelli VIP, but I don’t know what things to buy. Any help would be much appreciated. DAVE


I’m STILL TRYING TO FIND HELP TO GET THE RIGHT SYSTEM FOR MY 1979 GARELLI VIP….sorry about the caps, but my wife is beginning to complain about my moped being in her kitchen for going on 4 years. The woman is a saint. She will be a grandma soon. I believe that is why she is angry. Who would complain about having a Garelli stored in their space? It has to be about being a grandma.


Hi Dave, I think we have an HPI mini rotor for VIP. Email us thru the treatland store and we can discuss and get you setup and help you, your wife and your VIP out!

Comment by treatshq

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