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January 4, 2011, 20:44
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maybe you didn’t notice yet, but we got the new improved blk blk version okos in stock. these are quite a bit better in my opinion. i mean just look at em. they’re black! it’s like a race OKO. and actually it is. because we now have a new OKO as well, the OKO round slide speed carburetor!! yeah, and take a look at some of the small improvements we have added to the new OKOs, like, now the throttle cable adjuster can screw in and out, you can use any kind you like! yes. it’s these small details that make this batch of OKO top of the line. it’s fun times in the land of OKO. and one more thing. . . did you see the 19mm OKO? that’s the one i want!


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Damn, thanks for all the hard work!

Priceless info here kids

Comment by westseattleryan

how much is your 28mm?

Comment by toty

how can I order oko carb 24mm and how much?

Comment by jrul

Hello, here you go – thank you!!!

Comment by treatshq

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