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pinasco cylinders and WHOA!! dual carb vespa moped intakes!

today in treatland lots of new vespa moped parts appear courtesy of pinasco

of special note for those covering the vespa moped news this week : 46mm nikasil aluminum cylinders, as seen on the famed ciaociao in the hmm was it 2009 moped race season? Lets hope our requests for an interview with ciaociao are granted. These cylinders are available in both wrist pin sizes as well as both vespa head styles, ciao and the larger bravo/si/grande style head, enjoy.

oh and even more exciting, dual carb technology arrives for all vespa mopeds. the new pinasco case half includes a 13mm carbon reed inducted intake blasting in through the bearing. this type of technology has indeed been seen before in the now discontinued simonini case half, though that one featured a 4 petal block blasting straight into the case and was designed to be used as a single carb intake with the og intake blocked off. the pinasco case half, available in 43mm and 46mm sizes, includes a throttle cable splitter to help ya setup those dual carbs. all of you rats that have gotten tired of tuning one carb will, i’m sure, be looking forward to tuning two.

also introduced this week is a lightened CDI flywheel for vespa CDI ignitions, something like 40% or more, ohh can’t remember, lighter than the stock version. lil pricey but pretttty sick if the lightness is desirable.

in short, an exciting week for vespa moped riders. remember like 2008 or was it 2007, the year of the vespa? yeah that was sick wasn’t it.


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