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the independent kingdom of treatland has moved!!

ohh yes, unbeknownst to most thee kingdom has moved again!!!! you will now find us at 3069 17th st (at treat of course) in a place we could have ahh just a lil bit ago only have dreamed of. its hard to believe just 3 or maybe ohhh 2 n a lil years ago treats was in my bedroom, shelves piled high everywhere, stacks of gilardonis on top of my fridge, my mattress put up for the day on the wall brought down to sleep in the eves, our living room turned into the pipe annex and now we have thee most amazzzzzzing gigantic warehouse. this is our 5th expansion in less than 3 and a half lil years. three days of moving, pretty much ZERO downtime on shipping and we’re up and running fully organized to a level unimaginable. this new move equals to our beloved friends and customers a level of service and efficiency previously hmm not possible. yeahh go ahead come visit, drive right on into the store. do wheelies along the aisles like the one of a kind jimmy nolan. ok maybe don’t do that, but come see and be amazed. you won’t be disappointed. me, i’m hoping for a hot tub in there soon, but i like to dream, oh do i. pair all this with the new amazing connections we’ve been making worldwide and you’ll soon see new products previously only dreamable of, new prices ohh that ya thought couldn’t exist and ya know lotsa otherwordly things. i would like to commend the AMAZING shipping dept. you can’t even imagine the devotion that goes into the shipping dept these days. lately we’ve received multiple messages of packages leaving sf on saturday and arriving in ny on monday AM. do you know what kinda connections ya gottta have to get this?




by the way its raining now, so perfecto time to buy this!!!!



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It is all well deserved. May the empire of treatland reign supreme!

Comment by Daddy Longlegs

YES RASTA!! Rockers, one of my favorites… also check out the UK film Babylon!! It’s on youtube.

Comment by maxmojo

i can’t wait to watch Babylon!

Comment by rufus

what is bunnys hobbit doing back there?

Comment by owlex

ROCKERS! i have and love that flick. horsemouth ain’t one to be played sucka!

oh, and congrats on the move. you guys are the best at what you do

Comment by john

living the dream, thanks and praises for jah almighty!

Comment by jay jean-hank ho


Comment by Rafter

congrats on the new space. if any company deserves success, it’s definitely Treatland. best customer service on the WWW!

Comment by rob fracisco

Movin on up in the world! I gotta check this new place out!

Comment by 16v

we always love to decorate our living rooms with bargain decors that we can find on the local store `

Comment by Locket Necklace :

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