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treatland ceremony rally hours n info

hello, we have heard from numerous sources that there is a rally here in sf this weekend. due to this vastly unforeseen event, the kingdom and its inhabitants will be forced to change their very strict schedules to accommodate these foreign visitors. please be advised a passport with at least 6 months left before expiry and a visa is required by international law for your visit to treatland. your local consulate can assist you with this. also be warned the people of treatland speak a unique dialect that may at times be unintelligible to foreigners. a translator, guide, and bodyguard are highly recommended.

FRIDAY – 10-7

SATURDAY – 9-11 ish and after the ride for a couple hours maybe. also maybe any other hours during the day or night, by appointment only, RSVP, VIP, NOI, minimum purchase rules apply during all rally hours, please observe the rule of silence.

SUNDAY – perhaps an hour or so before the ride if we can get up in time, or not sleep at all.

all visitors to thee independent kingdom of treatland please abide by the following rules :

park yer bike on the street, NOT on the sidewalk

we’re on a one way street, go the right way

go work on yer bike n tune on another street like 3-200 blocks away

try to keep it as mellow as ya can on your bike within a few blocks of us so ya don’t get us in trouble with the man

be cool man

OH and no technical questions after midnite plz


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So the ride is on the 7th of Oct?

Comment by feefs

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