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we here at treats love a good bargain, ohh do we! if we could include 5 tacos for free with every order we would probably. we want to make sure you are getting the best bargains you can get, always! so for one week we are now offering the mystical concept known as price matching! if this is a success and doesn’t cause us too much grief we may make it permanent! please try not to abuse it so we can make it last.


you can check to see if your price match qualifies by sending an active link to us in the “treats match” section of our contact page. if you have been approved or if you feel confident your better price will work, paste it in the notes section on your order. this is the only way to get your price match. you must paste it into the notes section of your order! yep, can’t come back later after the fact. ok? so we will check the link and either approve or deny the price match. if your price match is successful we will send you store credit for the difference! please note that even if you have pre approval for your price match, the link you include in the notes must be active and meet all the criteria at the time of the order. thanks and happy price matching!

ok so ya got all that? any questions? email us and ask!

to qualify, products must be EXACTLY the same and in stock at the time we check the link

the competitor website must be from the USA

the price match is for the base price of the product. so don’t worry about shipping, taxes or anything like that.

the following exclusions apply

closeout / clearance / backordered items
blemished items / demo models / factory seconds / used items / junk / trash
free with purchase items (like buy one burger get another free)
competitor coupons
verbal or emailed quotes
any and all tires (sorrrrry!)
no walmart plz
auction websites – such as ebay
price matching cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions or discounts (like if we’re having a sale man!).
price matching is, for now, not available to our dealer network reserves the right to approve or deny price match requests at its discretion.
treats match price matching may be modified or discontinued at any time without notice.


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great video, cool song!

Comment by m park

Thank you!

Comment by Satrak

WOw,, a classic, how dancing has changed so much, the old way to pop and lock!

Comment by ricardo

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