treats flash

amazing new bark bustin dumbo ears

its very rare that a new product comes along that will completely change the world of mopeding. sure some of those things we introduced like the super stuffy crank, black ebr forks, new proma pipes, new sizes of puch sprockets, oh shit colored grips x 101083712937, oh you know they are pretty cool and all whatever but they leave this unfulfilled feeling hovering in the foggy midnite mists of sf. maybe thats just some ghost hauntin me tho, i wouldn’t doubt it.
whoaaa so dreamy, almost matchin !

not this loser again, fucck. those things are crazzzy dude, go hit the trails. oh wait i mean do they come in different sizes ? YES. i mean but i like the color XXXXXX, can i get it in that color ? YES. well it would be real cool if they had like stickers on them, like a rad multicolored brand, cause i love that stuff. NO PROBLEM. welll where can i buy them? wait a few weeks n when we have time we’ll sell them probably. we gotta test them first, obviously we test every new product at treats, right? yeahh of course. hmm.


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love em.
Bark busters are kind of spensive on drrt bikin’ sites.
they want you to buy their silly mounting hardware and all.
cant wait to see what all you get.

Comment by A.Hall

ours are probably better as they don’t come with hardware and aren’t guaranteed to fit anything! score! but they fit. kinda.

Comment by treatshq

i want some that actually look like ears! giant hairy ears!

Comment by seth

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