treats flash

before i file my report on the massive wealth of knowledge treat reviews have given me

yaa travis !

me n jimmy n roofie n some girlsss went on a treat retreat to plan the 2011 financial calender, ha, um ok, yeah, we went a swimmin n lazing on rocks in the river.

hope you are all preparing to come visit SF n treatssss in late sept, i think the rally is like the 24th-26th of sept, but whatta I know no one tells me anything. i’m going to begin work tonight on my great lifes work, oh maybe not, a treat map of the city so i can remember where all my favorite treats are n so you can know too. my dad’s a map maker so there might be a lil of it in my blood. today the place we had lunch at had tarantula tacos, so rad. i don eat the flesh tho so I need a friend, oh do i need a friend, so i can watch them and get excited.  in case anyone was wonderin everything at treats is amazzzzing these days. we’ve got a new treat employee david, of first kick and chrome magnum fame, so ya can thank him for the insane job he’s doing staying late into the night and boxin up packages. now we just need someone for the midnite shift and treats can stay open 24 hours sick. xo


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Benji and treats people! I will be at the SF rally. Might even bring one of my bikes, i really hope i can. if not maybe there’s a loaner. It will be good to be back in SF. i was born there, and it’s always home to me. hope to move back when i graduate next year also. treats engineering dept hiring?? 🙂 hahaha jk.

Comment by mattoloRIPRIP

awesome. make sure that u put the Eagle on that map!!! oh, and here’s something that Kenneth Anger gave me in 1994 it’s the only work of art I own that is worth anything. U can see the cigarette says “Youth” on it.

Comment by Rob

What jet do I need to run with that decal?


Comment by MFTravis

I volunteer to eat tarantulas and work the graveyard shift!!

Comment by Mojo.

I’ll take one Midnight Graveyard Shift application plz.

My duties shall consist of:

-your zombie waking and shipping the dead helper
-midnight burrito nabber
-2am Treet disco party planning committee
-znack patrol

Comment by Cold Trailer GARzan Justin

benji loved watching people put flesh in their mouth, really not being clever

Comment by starchef

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