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yet another shipping method

we added in USPS express mail yesterday to the shipping options … this is a tricky one, sometimes it gets ANYWHERE in the US overnight, sometimes it takes 2 days, mystery service for sure, but a lil cheaper than UPS overnight usually and sometimes even cheaper than UPS 2 day, all depends on where you live and what ya order.  USPS express delivers on saturday and even sunday in some places, crazzzzy!  There’s no guarantees with this one, unlike UPS, so donnnn go ordering and freak out.  Think of it as a way to order thursday and probably get it saturday. quicker than priority mail for sure, plus your shipment gets prioritized up to the top of thee shipping queue and out the door that day even when we’re swamped. Anyway, nothing too exciting, just another option if ya feel like using it.


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i kind of loves you guys.

Comment by mattoloRIPRIP

when will there be a teleport option??
I hate to wait!

Comment by Michael

we’re workin on a portal with blk blk, sf->denver, once we get that one complete we’ll move on to the next portal yepp

Comment by treatshq

alright! i’m moving to denver…or sf!

Comment by Michael

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