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treatland 1% off perma sale

hey we have the ability to enable you to get 1% off all the time, but we’re not going to until we get like 500 to a thousand more reviews of parts.  not some dumb shit either, for every dumb review it takes 5 reviews off of the total needed before we bless you with the perma 1% off sale.  the 1% off is ohh amazing!  think of all the jets you can get! so cooool man.  so please all of you ruffians band together and get to work.  PLUS its freakin idiotic that there is so little info out there on everything.  do you know how many people have no idea what parts actually fit on honda express bikes and which ones are easy to modify to fit??? do you know how sick I am of being like hmm i donnn know man go ask a buddy or your neighbor.  what ebrs fit on what bikes with what headsets with what magic charm? what intakes are adaptable to what bikes?  what intake goes on a tomos a3, that long puch one? ya think i got a freakin tomos a3 man?  nooo i don’t but i’d love to be able to point my loves in the right direction.  its your civic duty man!  i see you, yeaah you over there, you obviously love writing about mopeds, i mean you spend all day at work lookin at that moped army n readin n writin about who looks real cute at the rallies and makin fun a those lil rats that don know nothing n trying to sell your used rusty junk.  enter the annals of history, contribute to man and woman kinds collective knowledge, and share that depository of questionable info known as your mind with the rest of us. the more i know the better i can answer the hundreds of emails I answer everyday.  and when you’re like ok man i reviewed everything then go here and put in some more info so us poor souls who can’t figure out our jet size have lotsa readin material.  if you do these things then we’ll all be better off. so get to it. or we’ll stop shippin to your state. haa ok maybe not, maybe maybe hmm hmm have fun !


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Holy crap, you’re really all wound up, aren’t you? What brought that tirade on. I don’t know much about mopeds so I can’t even help myself much less someone else. Maybe you need to take a couple of days off and just chill out.

Comment by dennis

hahah no way i’m super excited !! i love answering questions actually, truly. i just want a 1% sale and hmm a greater spread of all this great knowledge. i don’t want to take a day off, i have fun writing. i need more knowledge so I can better answer questions. yepo

Comment by treatshq

yay for happy benji!

I must admit, I have a lot of fun reading the item descriptions on here.

Comment by conrad

I’m down! a review a day!

Comment by Michael

thanks beauties!! already got about 60 new reviews, things are going good! glad ya enjoy the descriptions conrad, thanks for your support !! benji

Comment by treatshq

Haha I totally agree with Conrad! I like Benji talk…;-} but now im all convicted over this! Reviewing will be my new vice.

cough cough…!

Comment by quinn

so this was the idea you mentioned in our email chat on treats superior usability. UR DOIN IT RIGHT!!

Comment by mycon deep child

thanks man! we are trying!!

Comment by treatshq

instead of finishing term papers I’ve been reviewing stuff. great idea!

Comment by zack

haha, that 1% sale is going to be more helpful in the future than those silly term papers.

Comment by conrad

yea totally. today was product reviews and bowling. productive day.

Comment by zack

half way there almost yeaahhhh!

Comment by treatshq

hahahaha…most entertaining rant ever! oh by the way…i need a jet for my tomos. which one? 😀

Comment by bill

probably the one ya don’t have or can’t read my man!

Comment by treatshq

gettin close, like 200 more to go and we’ll start thee sale yeeeeeahhhh

Comment by treatshq

this shit is getting more n more helpful by the day

Comment by mycon deep child

Alright I put up like 20! Word!

Comment by JesseGar

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