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fast shipping options ———————->

it is our ultimate goal that you get your parts cheap and fast. so we added some new fast shipping options for you. UPS next day air saver, and UPS 2nd day air. remember you must email jimmy (master head of shipping dept.) at with your order number to notify him! or else? or else, in our frenzy of box packing we won’t know you just made an order that needs to go out right away. ok? cool? alright.


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you guys are so awesome.

i think i want to experiment.

maybe this summer, ill giv eyou guys a credit card #. with a budget.

ill post pictures of all my current mopeds and what not

and just let you guys pick the awesome stuff to go on them. i mean seriously, your parts and shipping are already awesome, how could it go wrong

Comment by mattoloRIPRIP

why am i getting charged for sales tax .
are you guys in Ca .
why am i getting charged at 9.5%
the sales tax is 8.75

Comment by Murdock

hi yaa yes we are in SF and the tax here is 9.5% alas sorry man!

Comment by treatshq

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