treats flash

welcome to the graveyard

thee beloved graveyard has moved to make way for a new subdivision of treatland. this is also an attempt to keep the ghosts from haunting your searches. i am constantly tweaking and refining the search and navigation in the vast corridors of treatland. my hope is that one day soon, treatland will know what you want before you do. more product sadly will be making the journey to otherworldly bliss in the coming weeks. we dont want you to get your hopes up that some of these parts exist any more. many of them are dead stock now and still between this world and the next. i will be hosting a séance to assist them safe travel into the next life.  this will take place in my loft the night of the next astral alignment.  if yu dont know. the graveyard is the out of print, out of production, discontinued, recalled, vintage, never before seen, and never again, new old stock, new new stock, dead stock. out of stock, dead dead dead. a tribute to the golden age of mopeding. an archive of some of the parts that have drifted through our hands over the years. enjoy. and feel free to leave a note on the grave of your favorite parts


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