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a truly beauteous photographic essay by moped in switzerland

my dear love robin sent me a link to this amazing photographic experience of riding a moped down the rhone valley in switzerland. its for sure some of the best photography i’ve seen in awhile and its taken on a moped journey. I’d put a picture here but his website says that is a no no no. so take a look its amazing.

Horizonville/Yann Gross
The mountains are the icons of Switzerland. To reach some of these idyllic
places, it is necessary to drive through the Rhône plain.
However, only a few people knows what the plain looks like and what is
going on there. A highway is passing through the valley, so nobody stops
there.The industrial landscape, which is characteristic of the valley, isn’t attrac-
tive at all, at least at first sight. Nevertheless, most of the inhabitants of the
area are living down there.
Since i hadn’t a lot of money and wanted to travel, i decided to make a road
trip by motorbike during three months is this valley (which is located 50km
far from my home), looking for an exotic lifestyle, something else than the
picutres i knew about my country (i was inspired by David Lynch’s movie «a
straight story»).
By the means of a trip by motorbike in the Rhône Valley, the pictures are
about the American dream. The myth we know through the medias and the
movies. Most of the people I photographed haven’t ever been in the United
State of America. They feel a sense of belonging to another culture that they
don’t really know. Far from the Swiss stereotypes, the confusion of symbols
and the lifestyle of the people take us in a strange atmosphere, a dreamed
reality that doesn’t exist in facts.


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wow, those are awesome!!

Comment by Rob

Beautiful pics. Interesting that the “American” aesthetic they are intrigued with is one of Confederate flags, RV’s, drag races, NASCAR and mullets, but the Hollywood-accessible but otherwise-unreachable aspect makes us ‘muricans seem exotic.

Comment by MickR

Awesome pix. That a KTM with the Minarelli on it?

Comment by bill

mmm not too sure my man! but yeah the photos are amazing, super inspiring ! oh and happy valentines day!!

Comment by treatshq

And happy V day to all at Treats HQ

Love you guys!

Comment by bill

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