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motomatic huge intakes!
January 27, 2010, 11:30
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just got in a huge delivery of motomatic intakes! all hand made. all custom designed to fit with no complication! all powder coated! for giardoni. for malossi reed block, yeah. for puch piston port, treat kits and 65cc metrakit. uh hu. 80 metra. yessssss it’s got it’s own intake! see them all, love them. and if you don’t buy one, then you must need something else. you must need something really special. something only a custom moped maker can make. ok, look no further. right this way. motomatic mopeds is here to create for you, dreams.. . ..yea your moped dreams await!


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Comment by jimmy

yay for awesome prices!

Comment by conrad

will these work on a Maxi with Gila kit and 24 Mikuni carb so its back & to the left ?

Comment by paul

yep, but this is the 21mm version I believe or actually I think we measured them and they are maybe a hair larger, so you could use it or you could ask them to make you a 24mm version! enjoy !

Comment by treatshq

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