treats flash

treats adventure to austin n some other things


the raddddddddddddest homemade frame top tank vespa soo sick i love joosebunny-goggles

a treatway-too-many-treats

treatin out of courseoh-so-cute

a treatlotsa-people-in-a-field-in-austinwhoa-rad-dudes

blk blk the other gang i’m in if they let merachel-n-me-n-tomos-n-stoney

super busted ridin a tomos with a biturbo ohh,, backpack loaded with treatsrare-treats-chips-of-the-world

we don’t have these treats in sfIMG_1112

me n my love walla n a customer at my other store, no. we have the only 8 track label in the world, yep.miagi-mummy

a treat n miyagi sani-love-to-lay-down-in-the-dirt

as always layin in the dirt

thanks to everyone for all the funtimes in austin, it was rad getting to meet all sorts a new buddies yay


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miyagi son.. you sly son of a gun you

Comment by elliottG

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