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11% off sale friday to monday !

ohh my! we’re going to have a sale! we can’t remember why! I think its because we’re celebrating the 33rd month of treatlands existence in the world? and 33 is a magic number and we like magik! maybe it was because we love sales as much as everyone else? hey can anyone out there remind me why we’re having this sale? oh its for all you treat lovers who spent allllll your cash on halloween candy? its because you, our loves, deserve a sale? its because the rally in austin was lotsa fun n this is a good way to say thanks? its because today is a wonderful day? man, i really don’t know, but the point is there is a SALE 11% off from the strike of midnight on friday thru till monday midnight. We’re sending this lil note in advance so you can plan accordingly and not stress out that you missed the sale. As always if you try to double discount and ya get busted then we’re going to come find you, i.e. this sale code is not valid for stores. the coupon code to use is ‘dosa’ one of my favorite treats, find one if ya can in the world. so set yer alarms for 12:01AM friday, thats about 1 minute after thursday in case ya didn’t know?as always thanks my loves from all of us in treatland for your continued support, its ammmmaazing all the rad new things we’ve been able to find and create because of all your help. so many more insane parts on the way all the time, so many things never seen before in this world or the next? love — benji rufus jimmy n renee yay!

so do you get it?  the code word for yer discount is …..    “dosa”   !!!


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I want those orange pants. w/ the gun holster.

Comment by Rob

look for them at your local outlet store soon !

Comment by treatshq

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