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happy vacation daze roofie

hey! roofie is on vacation in turkey !! yeah have fun roofie we miss you and send you lots of kisses.  I heard this amazing 70s zambian record last night, its rad. i know you’ll like it.  bring us back like something that triple variates ok? and enjoy your vacation, you’ve earned it my darling like ten million times over.


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That song is rad. Must find record. Rad I sayeth.

Comment by DarthNater

I like the sounds.

Comment by JayBastard

ha thanks benji, you know what i lıke! we have traveled accross the county in search of the elusive double engine french mopeds and somethıng else perhaps, though im not sure what yet. peace of mınd, escape, self knowlege, love, adventure? İ have learned this much. the turkısh know how to make a fast moped!!! İ have rıden the double engine motobecane! and İ have learned some of ıt’s many secrets and inovations. all i wıll say now ıs that they can go over 140km per hr wıth no expansion chamber and a stockısh variator set up!!. more to come. see you soon. love you jımmy, renee and benji!

Comment by rufus

Sweet jam. more please. dual engine mobys blast by so fast, you will never see them.

Comment by The Brewster of Schlungs

yeah that witch record is ultra rad. $1000+ though for OG copies for sure

Comment by nash

i have listened to this everyday since its been up! Hope Rufus has a really great time:)

Comment by seth i got this record too this week, score, superrr good. its mp3 here : and this one super rad too : i recorded them all onto 8 tracks cause its the future man!

Comment by treatshq

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