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new things appear on my desk!
October 1, 2009, 05:15
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so many new things have passed over my desk lately i hardly know what they are or where they are or what im even doing. jimmy seems to keep track of it all somehow, while renee and i wave magic wands, and utter the forgotten words upon thee piles of parts.

the best of the lot by far has to be this plug caddy, newly added today. get em now. they are half gone already just here between us and the last people to pass by on the street.



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i like your banana

Comment by heather

Ooh you got No stickers?? Nice. I still really like the predestined No sticker in the girls bathroom @ No.

Comment by Rach

Haha glad your still using the calendar of thoughts.

Comment by Noah

Heya Benji,
Why you steal my calculator?

Comment by Kirk

hilarious, I made my own plug caddy last week for the same shit! out of a medical use box..

Comment by ciao

mr. treats, will you be in atwater this weekend? Just wondering.

Comment by cuperzacko

save me one please , love stoney

Comment by seidenglanz the minister of info treats

is a ’77 mopeds business card or something by the USPS truck?

Comment by conrad

Petcock with a key? Cool!

Comment by Sunset Paul

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